The Best Cover Up Tattoo Ever

The Best Tattoo Cover Up That Turns Tribal Tattoo Into An Amazing Half-Sleeve Geometric Tattoo

A cover-up tattoo is the best way to get rid of an ugly looking tattoo without surgery. As the saying goes “prevention is better that cure” you need to pick an awesome tattoo artist for you to achieve the most amazing tattoos you’ve ever dreamed of.

Below is by far the best tattoo cover up idea you will ever see. Thanks to Juan Salgado, he made an ugly looking abstract tattoo into an awesome geometric inspired tattoo. He is one talented tattoo artist that you should definitely try to contact and have an epic tattoo session.

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This ugly looking tattoo was transformed into one awesome half-sleeve tattoo

Amazing Bio-mechanic and geometric tattoo

epicand the best cover up tattoo by Juan Salgado



A video posted by Juan Salgado (@juan_salgado) on

This awesome tattoo cover up will make you want to cover up your tattoo with it

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