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The Amazing Journey Of Sea Turtles In Stunning Photos

Turtles is one of the oldest reptile groups where the earliest known existence is 157 million years ago. They’re characterized by the shell on their back that acts as their shield.

On this post we feature the amazing journey of turtles in stunning photos showing you their life both land and underwater.

Desert tortoise hatching from it’s egg. Her first look on a great journey ahead. Photo by : K. Kristina Drake

Desert tortoise hatching from it's egg

Newly-hatched green sea turtle running towards the sea

Newly-hatched green sea turtle running to the sea

When sea turtle hatches instinct will lead them straight to the sea for their adventure like this tiny sea turtle swimming. Photo by : Ben Hicks | National Geographic

baby sea turtle swimming

Giant tortoise is Known as the superstar of the beach where they wander on beaches to eat washed up seedpods. Photo by Thomas Peter Peschak. Photo by : Thomas Peter Peschak

Giant tortoise

Sea turtle having a free ride on jellyfish. Photo by : Super Jolly

Sea turtle riding on a jellyfish

140 year old turtle giving her 5 day old baby her first ride. Photo by Attila Balazs

140 year old turtle giving her 5 day old baby her first ride

Giant tortoises in pond. Photo b : Frans Lanting

Giant tortoises in pond

Sulcata Tortoise also known as albino African spurred tortoise inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert in Northern part of Africa.

Albino Sulcata Turtle

Green sea turtle being cleaned by yellow tang and gold-ring surgeonfish. Photo by : Masa Ushioda

Green sea turtle being cleaned by yellow tang and gold-ring surgeonfish

Thousands of sea turtles will lay their eggs on this beach. Photo by : Olivier Blaise

Thousands of Sea Turtles will lay their eggs on beach

Green sea turtle at Bora Bora. Green see turtles can hold their breath for hours and can hold for much longer or less depending on the temperature of the water. Photo by : Michele Westmorland

Green Sea Turtle at Bora Bora

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