This Enormous Fish Will Make You Reconsider Swimming In The Ocean

Photographer Miguel Pereira captured a rare footage of a large sunfish off the coast of Portugal. This enormous fish made the divers look small as it swims past them. The crystal blue water made this video look amazing. There were many divers that was astonished by this ginormous sunfish, they were taking pictures and videos of him and it looks like the sunfish is not bothered with their presence and acted like a runway fashion model.

Action-Filled Underwater Photos Of Dogs By Seth Casteel

Just when we thought nothing new can be done in the field of pet photography, here comes Seth Casteel and starts capturing stunning underwater photos of dogs. What’s amazing is that dogs love fetching things so much that they even disregard they aren’t aquatic animals. Los Angeles and Chicago based photography Seth Casteel specializes in documentary-style pet photography, he embrace the at-ease mentality of pets on location in their natural environment. He’s also available for photo shoots nation-wide. As one

These Stunning Underwater Photos Will Show You The Alien Beauty Of Jellyfish

Underwater photographer and marine biologist Alexander Semenov showcased these stunning underwater photos that will show you the alien beauty of jellyfish. He leads a team of scientists on a Aqualitis expedition that will show you the animal kingdom from the deep waters around the world. They use state of the art equipment like a robot in order to capture this stunning photos of these jellyfish. We have also featured stunning underwater photos that will show you the beauty of the

Amazing Floating Hotel With Underwater Room In Tanzania

This amazing floating hotel owned by Manta’s Resort is situated off the eastern side of Africa (South Africa), this is literally a private floating island that offers guests with an all inclusive hotel room submerged 4 meters beneath the surface of the ocean. You can also enjoy an enchanting underwater view of the lake’s fishes. More Info: Genberg Underwater Hotels