You Won’t Believe What This Man Can Do With Your Hair

Meet Rob Ferrel a barber and stylist in San Antonio, Texas who became famous during the 2014 World Cup for his amazing hair portraits of football superstars like Lionel Messi, Tim Howard, Neymar Jr, Chicharito, Christiano. Originally from San Diego, He eventually moved to San Antonio 8 years ago. Ferrel opened up “Rob The Original Barbershop” which generates lots of customers due to his amazing haircut designs and portraits. Also check his amazing hair portraits of Tim Duncan, Lebron James,

Amazing Zombie Portraits of Famous Classic Cartoon Characters

On Halloween being a zombie is one of the option many of us like to portray however Andre De Freitas make it as an inspiration that meshes his photography background with illustration by creating his awesome Zombie Portraits series, that transforms adored cartoon and comic-book characters. This amazing zombie portraits on some of your favorite classic cartoon characters will surely taint your childhood. Batman Buzz Lightyear Charlie Brown Donald Duck Iron Man Butcher Monkey D Luffy Popeye Raphael Ryu Tintin

30 Creative Wedding Photos For Your Inspiration

Attending a wedding is one of the happiest ceremony a couple could experience, witnessing couples taking the next step of their life to fulfill their dreams on having a family is wonderful to look at. You should also include having a pre-nup photos before and after the wedding, below are examples of having a fun and creative wedding photos that you can enjoy watching on your wedding photo album. You cant escape wedding portrait Zombie Hunt Wedding Portrait Wedding Wars