22 Lip-Smacking Pizza Creations That Will Make Your Stomach Growl

Pizzas is a kind of comfort food that everybody likes to eat, however if you’re looking to boost these often regular recipes, then these distinctive pizza creations will undoubtedly provide you with some wacky concepts. If you love pizza and in the mood to check out something as opposed to your ordinary round pizza, then these lip-smacking pizza creations are for you. We have also provided the links on how you can make this awesome pizza. 1. Pizza Cone Recipe

Creative Celebrity Portraits on Pizza by Domenico Crolla

Domenico Crolla created an amazing and creative celebrity portraits on pizza that uses basic pizza ingredients. Dough servers as his canvas, tomato sauce and cheese serves as paint. Talking about having fun creating your food. Rihanna Simon Cowell Robbie Williams Beyonce Bruce Lee Chef Gordon Ramsey Frank Sinatra Karl Lagerfeld Steve Angello Sophia Loren Pavarotti Marilyn Monroe Also See: Zombie Portraits of Famous Classic Cartoon Characters Creative Wedding Portraits