Meet Hulk The World’s Biggest Pit bull And Still Growing

Meet Hulk a 173.4lb or 78.6kg pit bull in the U.S, he is professionally trained as a guard dog who listens, obey and protect his owners with his life. But don’t let that scare you. He’s also a gentle giant just like these pit bulls showing their softer side. Hulk like every other dogs loves to play with his entire family, he also loves singing. Hulk’s owner, Marlon Grannon who breeds police dogs for a living through Dark Dynasty K9

A Newborn Puppy Was Left To Die Amazingly A Cat Saved His Life

A pit bull puppy named Noland was abandoned without a mother to nurture him and keep him warm he has the smallest chance of survival. Luckily, Noland was brought to Cleveland Animal Protective League where they introduced the cute puppy to a cat named Lurlene who have just given birth to three healthy kittens. They didn’t expect Lurlene (cat) to accept Noland (dog), surprisingly the cat accepted the dog as one of her own which only shows an exceptional love

See Softer Side OF These Adorable Pit Bulls Wearing Floral Crowns To Encourage Adoption

Pit bulls have a bad reputation in popular culture, usually being portrayed as ferocious and aggressive dog. Sophie Gamand, a U.S.-based French photographer, has got down to change all that through photographing pit bulls posed with gorgeous hippie flower crowns. Her photo series, entitled, “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution,” goal is to show the sweeter side of these misunderstood animal. The models in Gamand’s photographs are just some of the adorable dogs in search of homes at three