What This Artist Did To Famous Landmarks Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Graphic designer Amr Eid created a series that features iconic landmarks from all over the world, placed them on Egypt’s own monuments, then placing famous landmarks of Egypt into another place using Adobe Photoshop. He calls his series “Matha Law” or “What If”, the question of what Egypt would look like if the Romans built the famous Colosseum in Alexandria or the Eiffel Tower being constructed in  Cairo. Even though Amr Eid have never traveled internationally  and see the iconic

Artist Combines Photos of Different Celebrities To Create Perfect Faces

There are many ideas as to what makes an attractive or perfect face. Some say, it has something to do with proportion and the best example for that is Tom Cruise. For some the average face that has less distinct features is the most attractive. But for Norwegian artist Pedro Berg Johnsen he combines celebrity photos to create perfect faces. He uses a bit of Photoshop for his editing and final touches, but the blending of the photos is done

Amazing Photo Manipulations of Animals Where They Live In Without Cruelty

With reports of wild animals growing Tomasz Zaczeniuk decided to create these amazing photo manipulations of animals where they live in without cruelty. He also dedicates his artworks to all of the wonderful animals living in our planet. With the help of these amazing photo manipulations of animals he hopes to deliver a strong message to poachers and game hunters to say “NO” for all cruelness that they do to animals. We are slowly killing animals that would possibly drive

This Artist Uses Surreal Photography To Express Absurd Ideas

Previously we posted surreal photos by Instagrammer Nois7 and amazing photo manipulations by Martin De Pasquale that’s really awesome just like them this Fine Arts student named Fran Carneros who expresses his ideas through surreal photography. He uses digital media to create perfect photos which would speak about his style in general. With each photo manipulated photos he inteds to express absurd ideas and thoughts and at the same time makes them think about his artworks. More info: Facebook

These Amazing Photo Manipulations By Martin De Pasquale Will Blow You Away

Photographers nowadays use Photoshop to insert new elements into their photographs, however not all of them can create crazy and mind-blowing images that artist Martin De Pasquale possess. He created impossible things by combining multiple photos and insert some awesome effects on Photoshop. The photos below are some of his amazing photo manipulations that seems like magic however he does reveal his secrets, see the video above to know on how he used Photoshop to create one of these awesome

Creative Father Makes Amazing Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters

John Wilhelm and his passion for photography and digital art made these amazing photo manipulations with his three daughters. He is 44 year old IT Director at a Swiss University whom created this surreal photo manipulations that we really like. He got the inspiration on his awesome work by watching too much TV and played lots of video games when he was a kid. He also said that : “One key to creativity and the ability to work eclectically can