21 Adorable Photos of Animals Who Wants To Be Photographers

We usually see stunning photos of wildlife from photographers. However this post is focused on the animals that wants to be a photographer. It’s unusual for wild animals to go near the photographer while cameras are being pointed at them some even get behind the camera themselves. But these animals is so eager to know how photography works, so they decided to take charge and have control on the cameras. Below are adorable photos of animals who unexpectedly wants to

These Stunning Watercolors And Pencil Drawings was Created by a 17-Year-Old Self-Taught Artist

A talented and creative 17-year-old created these stunning watercolors and pencil drawings and her name is Dany Lizeth and is living in Mexico. The artworks that she created are animals with detailed features, he uses watercolor and colored pencils in making her stunningly colorful drawings. The most impressive part is that she’s a self-taught artist and at a young age she already created these amazing drawings. With her talent, she will be a great artist as time goes by. Hopefully,