30+ Of The Best Tattoos Ever Inked for 2015

We have compiled the best tattoos ever inked from January to August 2015. We ended up choosing these 30 awesome tattoos that’s been shared by many tattoo enthusiasts from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Below are 30 of the best tattoos that you will surely like and might give you an awesome ideas for your next tattoo. You can also submit your entries by contacting us, just provide the link of your photo and we will feature it here with full-credits

These 50 Awesome Octopus Tattoos Will Blow You Away

Octopus is one of natures work of art, with their intense coloration you wouldn’t wonder why they’re one of the top choices as design or symbol to be tattooed on someones skin. Below are 50 of the most amazing Octopus tattoos that will surely amaze you. For some they call it squid tattoo and is one of the most popular aquatic animals being tattooed for both men and women. With their eight tentacles and colorful skins having it tattooed on

These Awesome Tattoos By Delaine Gilma Will Look Extremely Hot On Men

Getting an awesome tattoo takes patience because it doesn’t get done right away, some tattoos may take hours and some may take days before tattoo artists gets it done. Some tattoo may cost you a few hundreds of dollars to get the amazing tattoo that you want, However these awesome tattoos by Delaine Gilma will want you to have one and face the time and a little bit of pain to be tattooed. These tattoos will look extremely hot on