Baby and French Bulldog Born On Same Day Think They’re Brothers And Do Everything Together

Dog’s is known to be friendly and protective to it’s owner, they’re also know as “Man’s Best Friend”, but what about for babies? When Ivette Ivens accidentally saw the cute French bulldog puppy : “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” she told the Daily Mail. About five months ago Farley, the adorable little French bulldog pup entered in their lives and shared priceless moments with their son Dilan like their brothers, and both of

These Kids Have Mastered The Art Of Napping In The Most Unlikely Way.

In a late afternoon people tend to feel worn out which is a huge problem for people who works day shift specially when you work in an office where naps are not allowed. However, these kids does not have to mind about the feeling of being sleepy in the afternoon. They can take their nap whenever and wherever they want which makes us adults fell pretty jealous. Below are kids funny sleeping positions who takes their naps from almost whenever