14 Amazing Photos of Asia by Weerapong Chaipuck

Asia is a wonderful and mysterious continent with breathtaking landscapes and deep-rooted traditions. That’s precisely how photographer Weerapong Chaipuck displays it in his photographs. Having a look at his work, it’s hard to consider that he took up photography after an early retirement from his medical career. 14 Stunning and Amazing Photos of Asia : Image Source : 500px.com See Larger Image Via : hq-photos.com

20 Stunning Photos of Asia That You Have to See

Asia is one of the most populated continent in the world today, it also holds some of the most breathtaking and stunning places you will ever see. Below are 20 of the most stunning photos of some of the most beautiful landscapes Asia has to offer. The Beauty of Maldives Yellow River, China Taroko Gorge in Taiwan Cedars of Lebanon Luang Prabang in Laos Bambarakanda Falls in Sri Lanka Inle Lake in Myanmar Spitti Valley in India Siung, Indonesia Image