Artist Merged 100’s of Smaller Doodles into Stunning Large Illustrations

Quentin Horn a freelance graphic designer based in Cape Town who created these stunning large illustrations from combining 100’s of doodles that he draw for the past years. What he did was scanned all of the pages of his notebook with doodle drawings then created some of the most stunning illustrations that we’ve ever seen. Below are some of the large illustrations that he finished. More info:

These Stunning Watercolors And Pencil Drawings was Created by a 17-Year-Old Self-Taught Artist

A talented and creative 17-year-old created these stunning watercolors and pencil drawings and her name is Dany Lizeth and is living in Mexico. The artworks that she created are animals with detailed features, he uses watercolor and colored pencils in making her stunningly colorful drawings. The most impressive part is that she’s a self-taught artist and at a young age she already created these amazing drawings. With her talent, she will be a great artist as time goes by. Hopefully,

These Creative Pop Up Cards Packs Awesome Surprises

These awesome and creative pop up cards were designed using CAD, they’re precisely cut using laser separating the paper into pieces and then assembled by hand. The detailed designs in these pop up cards is amazingly beautiful. Generally, some pop up cards has minimal designs however these cards intricate paper sculpture makes it more appealing that you cant get enough on taking a look at it’s fantastic and detailed paper sculpture designs. More info: Etsy |

Amazing Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

A talented artist from Germany creates these amazing geometric paper animal sculptures in stylish pastel colors that seem like 3d computer models that came to life. His name is Wolfram Kampffmeyer who studies animation, he intentionally makes his work look like 3d computer models. This is what he said “if you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands.” Because of their reproducible nature, Kampffmeyer’s works

What This Chemical Engineering Student Did to Pencils Will Blow You Away

A Chemical Engineering student from Turkey named Recep Alcamli created these amazing tiny sculptures carved into the tip of a pencil. He created all of his artwork during his free time from his studies and his favorite hobby “cycling”. He just grabs his tools then carve on the tips of pencils, his tiny sculptures is highly detailed which makes it more amazing. Recep Alcamli’s work really looks amazing just like what Yong Ho Ji did where he created amazing sculptures

Amazing Paper Art Made From Strips Of Colored Paper by Yulia Brodskaya

There’s a lot of ways to make art using paper just like these amazing animal origami artwork, however there’s an artist who recently caught our attention her name is Yulia Brodskaya an artist and illustrator from Moscow where she creates stunning works of art using quilled paper technique. While quilled paper appears simple at first look, we’ve never seen anyone whose work matches Brodskaya’s when it comes to detail, color and expressiveness. This amazing paper art is created by rolling

This Awesome Animal Murals Appears To Jump From Gallery Walls

Vancouver based artist Fiona Tang creates large-scale murals of animals with the use of charcoal, chalk pastel, and acrylic on paper that appears to jump off the wall due to it’s amazing 3D like effects. This technique is called trompe l’oeil where shadows and perspective are used to trick the viewer that the piece is 3D (three dimensional). See more her awesome animal murals on Facebook and Tumblr

Stunning 3D Geometric Illustrations by JR Schmidt

Upon surfing the web I stumbled an amazing 3D artwork by an awesome 3D artist and motion graphic designer from the USA named JR Schmidt! Seeing his amazing 3D geometric illustrations, I find it difficult to find the right words to express my admiration on his works. Check out some of his jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and stunning 3D Geometric Illustrations. Source : Behance

Creative Mother Draws Amazing Artwork On Napkins For Her Kids

Nina Levy has been drawing on napkins daily for her kids lunch boxes since 2006, and what she draws with it looks so stunning. She uses “art markers” and a few paint markers to create these amazing artwork on napkins. More info: | Facebook The Kids Cherry Blossoms with Cat and Bird Kitty Water Gun Sniper Fluffy Longboards an Icelandic Highway Superman and Batman Observe Gay Pride Month Happy Thanksgivukkah from the Menorah Turkey Octobear (Octopus and Bear) Fox With

50 Clever and Playful Street Art Ideas By OakOak

You don’t need to be trained in arts to make creative urban interventions: French street artist OakoAk says he’s only a “pen pusher” by day, however his clever and playful street art ideas can be seen all over St. Etienne and different cities in France. We’ve already shared some of the most creative and amazing street art designs that you need to check. Each and every of his illustrations constitutes a sly little city intervention supposed to brighten and engage