These Heart-Melting Photos of Aging Dogs From Puppy-hood to Old Age Will Make You Wish Animals Would Live Longer

Amanda Jones is a photographer who has been taking photos of dogs for twenty years. She was inspired to compile these heart-melting photos of numerous dog breeds from pupp-hood to old age “Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now“, by her dachshund named Lily who passed away when she was still making the book. The book also features comments from their owners, some of these adorable dogs didn’t seem to age at all however most of them shows their old

Baby and French Bulldog Born On Same Day Think They’re Brothers And Do Everything Together

Dog’s is known to be friendly and protective to it’s owner, they’re also know as “Man’s Best Friend”, but what about for babies? When Ivette Ivens accidentally saw the cute French bulldog puppy : “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” she told the Daily Mail. About five months ago Farley, the adorable little French bulldog pup entered in their lives and shared priceless moments with their son Dilan like their brothers, and both of

15 Adorable Photos Of Children And Animals Cuddle In Cute Photoshoot

Kids relationships with animals and with each other are free of some of the misconceptions and unfounded fears that may infect our minds later in life. It’s this innocence that Elena Karneeva, a professional child and family photographer based in Moscow,Russia, captures in her stunning and adorable photos of children and animals. The children in every photo seem nice the animals posing along side them as friends, rather than as dumb beasts or as food. The fox, bear, horse and

Stunning Dog Portraits By Polish Photographer Alicja Zmyslowska

Alicja Zmyslowska is a pet photographer based in Poland that takes incredibly stunning and lively portraits of dogs for a living. When it comes to dog photography, Zmyslowska has all her bases lined – she says she’s achieved everything from sports photography  to show-ring photographs. Our favorites, however, are her cute and stunning dog portraits, which, by focusing on each dog as an individual, that truly bring out their individual characteristics and personalities. Zmyslowska shoots her stunning dog portraits with

Playful And Stunning Dog Portraits By Russian Photographer Ksenia Raykova

You will certainly adore and love Ksenia Raykova photographs of playful and stunning dog portraits that her fans including me. She’s only 20 years old and is an architecture student who takes photography as her hobby which helps her get by. Her favorite model is her own dog named “Kim” a wonderful and happy dog. Enjoy and share these stunning and playful dog photos. And if you love dogs you might also want to see these beautiful transformations of rescued

Amazing Photos Of The Rarest Frogs In The World

In Search of the rarest Frogs is an epic quest to find and photograph the rarest amphibians in the world – wonderful frogs and salamanders no longer seen since the turn of the century. These Lazarus frogs, showing against all odds years or many years after they have been believed extinct, might hold important clues to help us stem the hemorrhaging of existence on our planet. Revel in these amazing photos of the rarest frogs in the world, The photographer

See Softer Side OF These Adorable Pit Bulls Wearing Floral Crowns To Encourage Adoption

Pit bulls have a bad reputation in popular culture, usually being portrayed as ferocious and aggressive dog. Sophie Gamand, a U.S.-based French photographer, has got down to change all that through photographing pit bulls posed with gorgeous hippie flower crowns. Her photo series, entitled, “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution,” goal is to show the sweeter side of these misunderstood animal. The models in Gamand’s photographs are just some of the adorable dogs in search of homes at three

This Couple Took An Amazing Newborn Photoshoot With Their Dog

One day, after professional family and pet portrait photographer Jame Clauss wrapped up a photoshoot, she had nothing to do. So she and her colleagues did what anyone would do in their place – they created a sequence of baby photos with their tubby Jack-Russell Terrier Snuggles as a substitute of a child. The tubby pooch obtained all of the attention a true photo model deserves, particularly because his owners (Jan and Chase Renegar) are in fact professional wedding photographers

25 Adorable Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

A parent’s love for his or her child knows no boundaries, and that is true both of us and of our animal friends. In these heartwarming and adorable photos of animal parenting, you’ll acknowledge some of the same gentle and nerve-racking childhood moments that you may have and experienced as a parent or a child. Based on parenting Ecologists separates animals into two groups : * the r and k categories – K category = animals that has few off-springs

Three Cute Pugs Dress Up As Their Favourite Game of Thrones Characters

One of the top TV series right now is Game of Thrones, however some of the scenes is not good for kids that’s why BlinkBox went ahead and remade HBO’s hit TV series with three cute pugs. Ever since they were puppies, this three adorable pugs named Roxu, Blue and Bono was already been dressing up as movie and TV characters. Guys at BlinkBox approched the owners of the pugs (Phillip and Sue Lauer) on creating a mini-movie which they