The Last Supper : These Snakes Failed Miserably On Choosing Their Last Meal

Snakes are known to eat anything especially pythons, they are known to eat large animals such as deer,pig etc. However these 9 snakes failed miserably on choosing their last meal, which results into death. Below are photos and details about their last meal. 1. Python eats a pregnant sheep : This 18 foot or 5.5 meter long Python eats a pregnant lamb for dinner and was not able to slither around due to it. In 2006, firefighters in the Malaysian

These 30 Cute Reptiles Will Make You Want To Have One

When talking about the word “cute” we think about hairy kitties and playful puppies. However cuteness can be a universal concept and these photos of cute reptiles and amphibians will prove it. They may have thick scales and poisonous however they possess cuteness that can make you go “awwww”. There are many species of reptiles  in the world which makes it easier to find one or two that are irresistibly cute just like these cute animals doing yoga poses. Draw

Nature Forgot To Color These 25 Adorable Albino Animals

Some of the animals on this list are albinos, while others are merely members of rare white species. Regardless of the case, mankind has been fascinated by these animals for a long time. Some believe them to be sacred, and others – demonic. Albinism is a type of hypopigmentary congenital disorder, characterized through a partial lack or complete absence of melanin pigment within the eyes, skin and hair, or more rarely within the eyes alone. Because of this, animals (and