Illustrator Reveals What Lies Under The Masks Of Well-Known Characters

Illustrator Alex Solis from Chicago is putting a hilarious twist on pop-culture characters, in this new series illustrations that he calls “Icons Unmasked” he gained fame for his of overweight superheroes. We have also featured adorable illustrations of predator vs prey. His new series “Icons Unmasked” will surely make you smile because it pokes fun at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious character mashups just like Goku unmasked to Pikachu really cracks me up but “The Flash” unmasked into Sonic

Cute Drawings of Predators Devouring Their Smiling Prey

Artist Alex Solis from Chicago’s also known as alexmdc online who became famous with his series of overweight superheroes and famous horror characters as babies. This new series of Alex Solis features disturbing yet cute drawings of predators devouring their smiling prey. Most of his work is inspired by his daughter. The idea on one of his illustration series called Chunkies came after watching Ninja turtles and discussing healthy eating. More info: Instagram | Tumblr | Society6 | | threadless

These Drawings of Famous Horror Characters As Babies Will Change How You View Them

Seeing horror movies will sometimes scare the living hell out of you, however Alex Solis created a series of drawings of famous horror characters as babies which will change how you view them. This series turns these horror characters as cute and adorable babies. Alex Solis loved horror when he was growing up, he specially loved “Nigthmare on Elm Street”, he has a kid and decided to create this series which features horrific look but still very innocent feel to

Illustrations of Overweight Superheroes and Villains by Alex Solis

This illustration series by American Illustrator Alex Solis from Chicago features overweight superheroes, villains and other famous characters will certainly crack you up. So if ever you are wondering how superheroes would look like if they’re overweight then you might as well take a look at Alex Solis illustrations. More info : instagram Here’s an additional illustrations of overweight superheroes by Carlos Dattoli