These Abandoned Starving Dogs Amazing Transformation Will Show How A Little Bit of Love Can Do Wonders

These two poor dogs was found in an abandoned building by the Chicago Police Department back in July, they went into an amazing transformation that will show how a little bit of love can do wonders. The two starving dogs looked like walking skeletons but with the right food and care they became healthy and happy dogs, they were named Oscar (white with spots) and Emmy (brown). Also check out these 16 beautiful transformations of rescued dogs with their sad

These 60 Smiling Cats Will Definitely Put A Smile On Your Face

Having a pet cat in your house is very enjoyable and packs a lot of fun, everything that moves they’ll play with it that makes them enjoyable to look at. Just like these smiling cats that will surely put a smile on your face, no matter how bad or tough your day has been. We all know cats are mysterious especially at night, so where do their smiles come from? Surprisingly, those smiles is not real as their muscles aren’t

16 Beautiful Transformations Of Rescued Dogs

To commemorate International Homeless Animal Day, we feature 16 beautiful transformations of rescued dogs and their heart-breaking and heart warming dog rescue stories we’ve ever know and put them all in one place. We encourage you to adopt animals rather than buying puppies which came from puppy mills (we all know what happens to those dogs in puppy mills). Check out these adorable pit bulls wearing floral crowns showing you their softer side to encourage adoption. Shrek Shrek was found