These Stunning Scrap Metal Sculptures Of Famous Movie Characters Looks Cooler Than The Real Thing

Just like John Lopez who created amazing life-sized metal sculptures, Ban Hun Lek, a metal workshop in Thailand, creates stunning sculptures out of various bits of scrap metal. They usually don’t limit themselves to robots or abstract pieces , a few of their most famous sculptures  successfully emulate smooth natural forms as well.

Probably the most popular centerpieces of their stunning scrap metal sculpture is their Hulk statue, which has the entire details down to his mutated musculature and ferocious snarl.

A few of the studio’s other pieces, however, are also worth noticing. They like re-creating characters from movies like Alien, Predator, and the Star Wars franchise.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: kotaku)

amazing Hulk sculpture made of scrap metal


amazing Hulk sculpture made of scrap metal

amazing Hulk sculpture made of scrap metal

stunning scrap metal sculpture

King Kong sculpture made up of scrap metal

metal sculptures of minion

robocop metal sculpture

Megatron from Transformers awesome metal sculpture

chucky metal sculpture

creative metal sculpture of herd of sheep

dinosaur metal sculpture

amazing wall-e metal sculpture

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