The Ultimate Skydiving Marriage Proposal That Went Horribly Wrong

A Skydiving Marriage Proposal Went Horribly Wrong
See What Happened To This Skydiving Marriage Proposal That Went Horribly Wrong

Firefighter and skydiving enthusiast, Brandon Strohbehn, determined to surprise his partner Nicole by way of proposing to her 10,000ft in the air. Nicole had no clue what was coming because the pair leap from the aircraft in what’s known as a “Mr. Bill” exit – with Nicole holding on to Brandon’s harness as he opened his parachute.

On the way down Brandon showed the ring. However catastrophe appeared to strike when it slipped from his hand and descend through the air. Fortunately , it was all simply a part of his awesome plan. The dropped ring was only fake, with the actual wedding band waiting for Nicole down at the bottom, as family and friends cheered them on.



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