These Pets Instantly Regret On Destroying Their Favorite Toy
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These Pets Instantly Regret On Destroying Their Favorite Toy

At first these pets though it was fun destroying their favorite toy, however with these funny photos showing their face a sense of regret. Photos below will show you cute dogs and cats face in devastation on why they ruined their favorite toy for a minute of satisfaction.

They ultimately face the reality that their favorite toy is no more. It was fun while it lasted. Just buy your pets a new toy, it’s a vicious cycle that we all have to face. 🙂

In a state of shock

funny dogs faceImage credit : reddit

The face of regret

funny dogs reaction on their toys being ruinedImage credit : reddit

Help me stop my insanity look

dog ruins his favorite toyImage credit : reddit

I will let you go, run free little one

dog destroys toyImage credit : reddit

Please forgive me, will you ever forgive me?

dog being sorry for what he did to his favorite toyImage credit : reddit

Can we still be friends?

dogs playing with her favorite toyImage credit : reddit

What will I do, I murdered my toy

dogs mouth trapped by destroying its toyImage credit : reddit

I didn’t do it on purpose

Image credit : reddit

Pretending that its only a dream

Image credit : reddit

Please fix it for me master

dog trying to look cuteImage credit : reddit

My toy needs some fresh air to cool off

adorable dog with her toyImage credit : reddit

Please comeback, I will never hurt you again

Image credit : reddit

Is this the magic machine that can turn everything back to life?

Image credit : reddit

We’re still friends right?

Image credit : reddit

It wasn’t me

Image credit : reddit

Please open the door, I will not do it again

Image credit : reddit

Thank God you’re alive

Image credit : Reddit

I know I did it

Image credit : reddit

They couldn’t fix you so I’ll just make you my pillow

Image credit : reddit

It’s an addiction that I can’t easily let go

Image credit : reddit

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