Lion and Tiger Hybrid
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These Mind-Blowing Animal Hybrids Will Shock You To Your Core

Nature is a gorgeous thing and probably the most wonderful element is that it is always evolving. No two things ever stay the same relating to the animal kingdom and that’s why so many people begin environmental research. Many wonder how to change the abruptly decreasing animal population that has took place because of humans taking over more animal territory. However, as these photos show, beautiful things are still taking place in nature and a few of them appear way too cool to be true, but they are.

It’s possible you’ll think that animal hybrids are things of fairy tales, however they’re without a doubt possible and a few are even living out there right now. While a lot of these hybrids are bred for a selected purpose, it is possible that the animals mate on their own accord. It’s pretty amazing to see two animals mixed into one because you can obviously see the different genetics and the way they came together to form a new breed.

It’s insane that these unique animals exist! Whether or not they’re serving a specific purpose or just naturally taking place, it’s pretty crazy that we’d orchestrate two animals to breed for our personal curiosity or desires. Regardless, nothing can get rid of the beauty of these animals because they’re truly beautiful.

Check out the photographs below and decide if you think that these animals are too amazing to be true.

Leopard and Lion hybrid = “Leopons”

Leopard and Lion hybridImage credit : lovethesepics

House Cat and Serval hybrid

house cat and Serval hybridImage credit : extendcreative

Lion and Tiger Hybrid = “Liger”

Lion and Tiger HybridImage credit : tackk

liger coupleImage credit : wikipedia

Dolphin and False Killer Whale hybrid = “wholphin or wolphin

Dolphin and False Killer Whale hybridImage source : wikipedia

Grizzly and Polar Bear hybrid = “pizzly bear, polizzly, prizzly bear, nanulak, Polar-Grizz, or grolar bear

Grizzly bear and Polar bear hybridImage credit : smithsonianmag

Donkey and Horse hybrid = “Mule”

Donkey and Horse hybridImage credit : geograph

Narwhal and Beluga hybrid

Narwhal and Beluga hybridImage credit : smithsonianmag

Zebra and Donkey hybrid = “zebroid, zedonk, zorse, zebra mule, zonkey, and zebmule”

Zebra and Donkey hybridImage credit : zonkey

Zebra and Horse hybrid = “zorse”

Zebra and Horse hybridImage credit : webjazba

Zebra and Horse hybridImage credit : nytimes

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