Manny Pacquiao Responds To Drake's Parody Video

Manny Pacquiao Responds To Drake’s Parody Video

Lots of people wondered what Manny Pacquiao feels about Canadian rapper Drake’s impersonation of the eight-division world boxing champion became politician and soon-to-be basketball a professional basketball player.

Wearing a wig and a goatee just like Pacquiao’s, Drake sang “Let It Go” from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” in a skit entitled “Manny Pacquiao Sings.” The video went viral quickly after it premiered on the ESPY Awards.

Precisely one week later, a happy Manny Pacquiao faced veteran journalist Jessica Soho for an interview at his home in North Forbes Park, Makati. The rapper also mimicked the boxing champion’s Filipino accent, which received mixed reactions on social media. It’s the first time he has responded to the parody involving Canadian rapper Drake. Pacquiao stated that he has seen the video a couple of times already and — guess what? — he simply laughed the thing off.

Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Soho interview about Drake's parody

Here’s the video of – Manny Pacquiao Responds To Drake’s Parody Video :

Drake as a boxer compared to Manny PacquiaoHe has a point though, however this statement also works the other way around. Manny cannot rap. The parody was made for entertainment purposes. I saw lots of videos impersonating Manny Pacquiao, so chill brother that’s how the entertainment industry goes.

On a lighter side, Manny Pacquiao said on an interview about a possible fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr and on why It didn’t happen.

Will the fight be possible between you and Mayweather, Jr? If the “Weather is good” coz He is currently in “BadWeather”.

What is the problem? Obviously it’s not you, the problem is his camp, he doesn’t want it.

Why do you think he doesn’t want to fight you? I don’t know, It’s hard to say, some would say I’m bragging if I say he’s afraid,

Are you are afraid of Mayweather Jr? I’m not afraid of him, I’m a boxer, if the times come that I will be afraid with my opponent I would stop.

It comes to a point where he said that I only want to fight him because I needed money, then I said I am willing to fight for charity, all of the money will be given to foundations/charity institutions so he wouldn’t have any excuse not to fight me.

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