Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me

Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper well known for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into a number of prides. Kevin knows these lions at a basic level: their behavior, instinct, and emotion.

To start with, I thought this man was nuts! However, as I watched more on the video, I realized that his love for these animals is very deep, and really real. I applaud him for seeking to save these beautiful animals from becoming an endangered species!

My only concern is that sooner or later we will read about his death on the very paws of the animals that he so loves. And, sadly, his son and daughter will then be without such a nice and loving father.

Kevin has slept, fed, and lived with lions, having worked with a lot of them since they were cubs.

Kevin Richardson - Lion Whisperer

He trusts lions that he sticks his arm in their mouth!

Kevin Richardson sticks his arm to an albino Lion

Kevin leverages his capability to lend a hand to prevent these lions from being poached. As you can see from video below, these cats have so much gentle side as well.

Man Hugs Lion and has been their friend and part of their pride

lion takes a deep at a lake with a man

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