Japan’s Burger Kings Sell Black Burgers Colored With Bamboo Charcoal And Squid Ink

Everyone knows that Japan is excellent at coming up with cute food just like these beautiful landscapes made from food, however it seems that they’ve acquired a talent for bizarre and exotic dishes as well. They decided that the standard burger was getting a little boring, so Burger King Japan decided to make black burgers.

The Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl burgers owe their unique appearances to black cheese, black garlic sauce, and an absolutely black bun. The bun and the cheese are colored through bamboo charcoal, while the garlic sauce is colored with squid ink. Each are usually used as food components in Japan.

More info: Facebook | burgerking.co.jp

The black burgers bun is colored with bamboo charcoal

Burger Kings Unique yet tasty Black Burger

they also use bamboo charcoal on cheese, then they use squid ink for the garlic sauce

Burger Kings Unique yet tasty Black Burger

Would you dare eating this black burger?

Burger Kings Unique yet tasty Black Burger

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