Inventive Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

Inventive Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

Its either we work with nature, or work against it. These brilliant architects decided that rather than chopping down trees to construct a house or building they decided to find a way to incorporate the trees as part of the new structures.

Some construction firms cute down trees to create more space in building buildings or house which may result in Deforestation, it’s one of the major cause of global warming which impacts the water cycle that reduces the amount of air and water in the soil which results into soil erosion and later a decline in biodiversity.

These creative structures that incorporates trees as part of it shows a great example and a brilliant idea to stop global warming, hopefully this becomes a trend in building structures in the future.


Creative way to make playground around the treeImage credit : tezuka-arch

Make way for the tree

4-storey building makes way for the tree to growImage credit : reddit

Tea House

Creative Tea House Who Lets Tree Grows from WithinImage credit :

Casa Vogue

Casa Vouge : Built a house around a treeImage credit : CasaVogue

Casa VogueImage credit : CasaVogue

Niavaran Residential Complex

Niavaran Residential ComplexImage source : unknown

Lakeview Residence

Stunning Lakeview ResidenceImage credit :

Hole in one

Creative ways to make trees continue to growImage source : unknown

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Kook Osteria and PizzeriaImage credit :

Make way for the tree

Creative stairs in front of the houseImage credit : flickr

Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree

Stunningly creative Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A TreeImage credit :

Tree apartments

Creative tree apartmentImage credit :

Casa Del Bosque

Casa Del BosqueImage credit : Trendir

Palm Trees

Building built around palm treesImage source : unknown

Also check these trees that eats everything around them and the stunning 144-year-old wisteria tree in Japan.

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