28 Stunning Illustrations of Relationship Goals That Are Worth Achieving

28 Stunning Illustrations of Relationship Goals That Are Worth Achieving

Setting goals in a relationship is easy but fulfilling them is very hard that’s why many relationships doesn’t last for a long time. When we set goals there’s a big chance that you can’t reach it, so how can you improve your chances on setting your relationship goals?

The answer is “the simple things”, like these stunning illustrations that Nidhi Chanani made which reflects each day as  moments of love that you can cherish for the rest of your lives together.

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Cuddling in bed

Illustration of couple cuddling in bed

Jamming on the song/music that you both like

Couple listening to their favorite music together

Going home together

Illustration of couple going home together

Relaxing and reading together

illustration of couple reading together

Cooking together

Illustration of couple cooking together

Instead of using phones, star gazing at night makes it more romantic and interesting

Illustration of couple star gazing

The good old pillow fight that ends up into cuddling

couple playing pillow fight

Walking along the beach

Illustration of couple walking along the beach

Dreams for the future

illustration of couple setting dreams for the future

Eating ice cream in bed

Illustration of couple eating ice cream in bed

In scary situations, you’re always there for him/her


Traveling Together

Illustration of couple walking in bamboo forest

Illustration of couple riding elephant

Illustration of Couple at Rome

The last dumpling

Illustration of couple sharing a dumpling

The city walks

Couples showing love and affection

Enjoying the rain

Illustration of couple in the rain in Seattle


Illustration of couple cuddling

Having fun in the park

Illustration of couple skipping in Central Park

Showing crazy dance moves that would end up laughter

Illustration of couple dancing in pajamas

To Make You Feel My Love

Making someone feel loved

Enjoying “the view” stroll

Illustration of couple looking at Golden Gate bridge

Sleeping together

Illustration of couple cuddling in bed in summer heat

And the best of them all is growing old together and loving you forever

Illustration of old couple looking out to sea



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