How This Baby Survived From Being Born Too Early Is Unbelievable

Medical Miracle: Baby born with amniotic sac intact
Medical Miracle: Baby born with amniotic sac intact

Warning: This video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers

Miracles doesn’t happen everyday. But when they do it will surely amaze you. Just like the reaction of the health care staff who helped Chelsea Phillips give birth to her 26 weeks old baby named Silas via Cesarean section.

Silas is three months premature and was delivered with his amniotic sac amazingly intact, He was in a fetal position with the placenta and his umbilical cord tucked inside the water bag.

A Neonatologist named Dr. William Binder helped deliver Silas said that this is a rare medical occurence. Silas is now 10 weeks old and is now doing well that he can go home with his mom in a month.



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