Hippo Attacks Crocodile When It Attempts To Eat Her Calf

Hippo Attacks Crocodile When It Attempts To Eat Her Calf

No one in his right mind would ever mess with a crocodile. Just one look at the reptile’s evil-like stare and sinister jaws is enough to dissuade any attempt to cross with this mean-looking creature. But this female hippopotamus didn’t hesitate to charge towards a crocodile when her young was threatened.  This momma will do anything to protect her baby.

These stunning photos taken at Lake Panic in Kruger National Park caught the hippo in action as she wrapped her massive jaws around the poor crocodile’s tough exterior.  Photographer Ken Haley was in the right place at the right time to capture this fascinating scene.

Mother hippo attacks crocodile implying not to mess with her family.

Hippopotamus attacked a crocodile to protect her calf

Hippo attacks crocodile to protect her baby

Hippo attacks a crocodile by biting its thick skin

When the crocodile was gone, she returned to her baby to comfort her

Later the hippo return towards her baby

Mother Hippo attends to her cute babyImage credit : dailymail.co.uk



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