Giant Inflatable Minion Causes Traffic Chaos In Ireland

A 33-foot-tall inflatable Minion was blocking the road in northern Dublin that caused traffic chaos in Ireland, in this chaotic and hilarious Giant Minion’s reckless escapade fortunately there’s only one casualty, a car losing its side-view mirror.

“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it… flying across the road,” said witness Erin

Giant inflatable minion causes traffic chaos in IrelandImage credits: Erin Van Londen

Before the accident, the 33-ft Minion was spotted being inflated behind bars

Giant inflatable Minion filled with airImage credits: Rachel

The bars can’t handle this Giant inflatable Minion from escaping

Giant inflatable MinionImage credits: Erin Van Londen

The giant minion escaped and caused havoc in the Santry area of North Dublin

Giant Inflatable minion caused havoc in the streets of DublinImage credits: Erin Van Londen

The road rampage that this giant inflatable caused no injuries, however one driver got one of his side mirror knocked off

Giant inflatable MinionImage credits: Erin Van Londen

Fortunately, the police arrived immediately to stop this minion from causing more trouble.

Image credits: Erin Van Londen

This Giant inflatable Minion will rise again to wreak havoc.

Image credits: Erin Van Londen



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