Illustration Series of Famous Characters Unmasked

Illustrator Reveals What Lies Under The Masks Of Well-Known Characters

Illustrator Alex Solis from Chicago is putting a hilarious twist on pop-culture characters, in this new series illustrations that he calls “Icons Unmasked” he gained fame for his of overweight superheroes. We have also featured adorable illustrations of predator vs prey.

His new series “Icons Unmasked” will surely make you smile because it pokes fun at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious character mashups just like Goku unmasked to Pikachu really cracks me up but “The Flash” unmasked into Sonic Hedgehog makes a lot of sense because they’re fast.

More info: cargocollectiveInstagram | Tumblr | Society6 | | threadless (h/t: designtaxi, boredpanda)

Daffy Duck unmasked

Daffy duck unmasked into Donald Duck

Grumpy Cat unmaskedGrumpy cat unmasked into Garfield

The Flash unmaskedThe flash unmasked into Sonic Hedgehog

Son Goku unmaskedSon Goku unmasked into Pikachu

Peter unmasked

Peter unmasked

Elsa unmaskedElsa unmasked into Sub Zero

Big bird unmaskedBig Bird unmasked into Tweety Bird

Incredible Hulk unmaskedIncredible Hulk unmasked into angry bird

Kermit the frog unmaskedKermit unmasked

Beast unmaskedBeast unmasked into The Beast

Batman unmaskedBatman unmasked into a real bat

Alien unmaskedAlien unmasked into E.T

Aquaman unmaskedAquaman unmasked into a fish

Barney unmaskedBarney unmasked into Flinstones

Robin unmaskedRobin unmasked into a real bird Robin

Mega man unmaskedRockman unmasked

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