Ellen Jewett Merges Animals And Plants In To Otherworldly Sculptures

Amazing Animals and Plants Sculptures

A talented sculptor from Canada creates amazing detailed handmade clay sculptures of creatures that may look like a creature from fantasy or from your wildest dreams.

Ellen Jewett calls her sculptural work as “natural history surrealist sculpture”, she blends animals, plants and once in a while human-made objects or structures. With her background in medical illustration, anthropology, exotic animal care and stop-motion animation which intensify each of her masterpiece.

More info: ellenjewettsculpture.com | Etsy | DeviantArt (h/t: colossal, boredpanda)

Amazing animal sculpture by Ellen Jewett

Amazing animal sculpture by Ellen Jewett

surreal rhino sculpture

surreal fox sculpture

surreal fox and phoenix sculpture

surreal turtle sculpture

surreal octopus sculpture


surreal Koi fish sculpture

surreal crow sculpture

surreal goat sculpture

surreal bunny sculpture

surreal elephant sculpture

surreal rats sculpture



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