These Drawings of Famous Horror Characters As Babies Will Change How You View Them

Drawings of Famous Horror Characters As Babies

Seeing horror movies will sometimes scare the living hell out of you, however Alex Solis created a series of drawings of famous horror characters as babies which will change how you view them.
This series turns these horror characters as cute and adorable babies.

Alex Solis loved horror when he was growing up, he specially loved “Nigthmare on Elm Street”, he has a kid and decided to create this series which features horrific look but still very innocent feel to it.

More info: | TumblrInstagram (h/t: ufunk, boredpanda)

Baby Freddy Krueger

Baby Freddy KruegerBaby Samara – The Ring

Baby Samara – The RingBaby Jason

Baby JasonBaby Mummy

Baby MummyBaby Frankenstein

Baby FrankensteinBaby Swamp Creature

Baby Swamp CreatureHeadless Horsebaby

Headless HorsebabyPale Baby

Pale BabyBaby Werewolf

Baby WerewolfBaby White Walker

Baby White WalkerBaby Leatherface

Baby LeatherfaceBaby Edward Scissorhands

Baby Edward ScissorhandsBaby Bride Of Frankenstein

Baby Bride Of FrankensteinBaby Jack

Baby JackBaby Michael Meyers

Baby Michael Meyers

Baby PinheadBaby PinheadBaby Pennywise

Baby Pennywise

Baby Dracula Baby Dracula

Baby Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller

Baby Michael Jackson Zombie ThrillerBaby Cyclops

Baby Cyclops

Baby ChukyBaby ChukyBaby Slimer

Baby Slimer

Baby Grim ReaperBaby Grim Reaper

Baby Hannibal LecterBaby Hannibal Lecter

Baby Wicked WitchBaby Wicked Witch

Stay Puft Marshmallow BabyStay Puft Marshmallow BabyBaby Beetlejuice

Baby BeetlejuiceBaby Alien

Baby AlienBaby Meta Luna

Baby Meta Luna

Baby JokerBaby JokerBaby Pazuzu – Exorcist

Baby Pazuzu – Exorcist



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