Cute Drawings of Predators Devouring Their Smiling Prey

Cute Drawings of Predators Devouring Their Smiling Prey

Artist Alex Solis from Chicago’s also known as alexmdc online who became famous with his series of overweight superheroes and famous horror characters as babies. This new series of Alex Solis features disturbing yet cute drawings of predators devouring their smiling prey.

Most of his work is inspired by his daughter. The idea on one of his illustration series called Chunkies came after watching Ninja turtles and discussing healthy eating.

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cute drawing of an owl eating a rat

cute drawing of a sea lion eating a penguin

cute drawing of a tiger eating a zebra

cute drawing of a wolf eating a sheep

cute drawing of sea gull eating baby turtle

Cute Drawings of Predators : bear eating a salmon fish

Cute Drawings of Predators : cute drawing of a crocodile eating a monkey

cute drawing of a fox eating a rabbit



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