Creative Baby Photography: Portraits of a Baby in Dreamland

Creative Baby Photography: Portraits of a Baby in Dreamland

Ever wonder what was going on when your little ones take their naps? They’d probably be going to dreamland!

A creative mom created a series of portraits of what his kid is doing in dreamland. While her baby enjoy her nap time, she created series of scenes of her son in dreamland.

Take a peek and see how cute this portraits are:

25 of the cutest and creative baby photography for your inspiration

baby flower portrait

balancing on a pile of books

mouse caught by bird

interview with Barack Obama

baby as a lion in a circus

dinner for two

Baby sails to Dreamland

awesome and creative baby photography


a baby ghost portrait

baby with owl

Baby gathering stars

a cute portrait of a baby as a soldier

a cute baby witch

Baby with the an easter bunny

Portrait of a Giant Baby

Flew to castle of the giants

Baby as a painter

Baby with Circus Animals

A cute baby as a snake charmer

The Claw

Baby as King of Spades

Riding Horse

Baby wants to free the bird in the cage

A baby in the JungleSource: Anne Geddes



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