This Enormous Fish Will Make You Reconsider Swimming In The Ocean

Photographer Miguel Pereira captured a rare footage of a large sunfish off the coast of Portugal. This enormous fish made the divers look small as it swims past them. The crystal blue water made this video look amazing. There were many divers that was astonished by this ginormous sunfish, they were taking pictures and videos of him and it looks like the sunfish is not bothered with their presence and acted like a runway fashion model.

Pro Surfer Mick Fanning Wrestled a Great White Shark During Surfing Competition

Being a pro surfer undoubtedly has its perks. You get to work outside all day, get in awesome shape and get a tan everyone around the world will envy. However being a professional surfer also comes with serious dangers, and that possibility includes sharks like the great white sharks. Sharks that wants to devour you during competitions. Skilled pro surfer Mick Fanning, ranked 4th in the world, was attacked by a great white shark on Sunday local time during the

Pregnant Lady Calmly Giving Birth In A Car While Husband Films And Drives To Hospital

Witness the incredible moment a pregnant lady calmly giving birth in a car to a 10lb baby boy as she’s being rushed to a birthing center near Houston.  The video shows the lady delivering the baby herself like a boss, believed her husband and the father of the baby, drives down the freeway towards the Bay Area Birth Center. The video, which was posted on YouTube on Thursday, opens with the caption, ‘We’ve been driving for 45 minutes. Already’. After

5 Funny Yet Harmless iPhone Pranks You Could Pull On Your Friends

There are few things in life more enjoyable than getting one over on a friend or work colleague. Nothing too evil of course, just a bit dig here and there to keep the day moving along. It’s what friends do. So in case you happen to know someone with an iPhone and who’s naive enough to not use a pass-code with it then these harmless iPhone pranks will put.  All 5 will have them puzzled and most likely bewildered, however

An Epic Ghost Prank That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

As I was browsing on YouTube in search for the most epic ghost prank that I can do for my wife, I bumped into this awesome hologram ghost prank by PrankvsPrank. For this epic ghost prank he used a projector and invisible screen to display the haunting image of a young girl holding a teddy bear with a creepy music in the video that emulate the tone for the ghostly appearance. This prank will surely get you, try this prank

Baby Girl Sees Mom And Dad Clearly For First Time And Her Reaction Is Priceless

A baby girl in Cincinnati named Piper just lately got her first pair of eye glasses, and a video of her priceless reaction as she clearly sees her family for the first time has gone viral and melted hearts all over the world. Piper’s mom, Jessica Sinclair, wrote on her Facebook: “She hasn’t crawled yet, and I thought maybe there was something wrong with her eyesight so I took her to a doctor. She is +7.00 in one eye and

Onlookers Were In Awe When A Pro Skater Disguised as 80-Year-Old Man Went Skateboarding at a Park

We have certainly seen plenty of old people who have rocked sports through races, cycling and marathons regardless of their old age, however we have never seen one rock a skateboarding ramp. It seems like old people and the skateboard is not a good pair. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we see an old man do some skateboard tricks for a change? Danny Leon, a 20-year-old skateboard star, posed as an elderly and amazed onlookers with his skateboard tricks. With

What This Man Did To Animals Who Desperately Needs Help Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Many animals especially dogs who were abandoned and left to dead like the case of these rescued dogs however people who loves animals who helped them made beautiful transformations that helped them be adopted and live a longer happy life. The guy on the video is Wilson Martins Coutinho who rescues animals and takes good care of them and let them live happily in his house, he also provide artificial foot with wheels to dogs who lost some of their

How To Effectively Whiten Your Teeth Under Two Minutes Using Simple Kitchen Ingredients

Are you embarrassed with your yellowish teeth? Due to it you have a hard time smiling or being physically unattractive? Don’t worry a couple of people has the same problem and the reason is we eat food with high sugar content which help promotes yellowish teeth. Many people thought it’s hard to achieve pearly white teeth so they decided to visit dentist for expensive dental procedures which is painful both your teeth and budget. However, Rachel demonstrates a do-it-yourself video