This Cool USB Keyboard Will Make You Feel Like Writers From The Past

Many people have only a vague recollection, if any, of what it’s prefer to type with an actual mechanical typewriter: the tactile clicky sounds, the focus, and the vintage feel. This memory no longer needs to be nostalgic, because now you can purchase a typewriter-like keypad that connects to your PC or pill with this cool USB keyboard. This vintage-style modern and cool USB keyboard, known as “Qwerkywriter”, was created by game developer Brian Min, who’s financing the manufacturing through

30 Awesome and Cool Battery Chargers for your Mobile Phones

If we travel a lot we always bring our cellphone with us, we also include the bulky battery charger for it. This post showcase handy and cool battery chargers that can add style for it’s uniqueness and it’s usefulness. Want to have an awesome battery charger? We present unique and cool battery chargers that you can buy for your mobile phone.