These Awesome Wolf Tattoos On Forearm For Men Will Surely Show Your Rebellious Side

The best place to start when having a tattoo is the forearm which gives the tattoo artist a lot of room to showcase their awesome and detailed tattoo piece. In this post, we showcase the Wolf which is one of the strongest and intelligent creatures living in the wild which definitely deserves a place on the forearm. Wolfs is hard to tame and is very powerful they are the kind of animal that values friendship and a strong family bond. Wolfs

These Colorful and Awesome Snake Tattoos Is What Snake Lovers Are Looking For

It’s estimated that there are 3,600 species of snakes and normally they are associated with darkness and danger. However, not one of them compares to these awesome and colorful snake tattoos by Zihee. ZIhee is well-known for her nature-inspired tattoo designs in Seoul, South Korea. The colorful and intricate details in her tattoos create a distinct style which makes it more unique, realistic and cartoonish at the same time. Below are some of the snake tattoos that she shared which

The Best Tattoo Cover Up That Turns Tribal Tattoo Into An Amazing Half-Sleeve Geometric Tattoo

A cover-up tattoo is the best way to get rid of an ugly looking tattoo without surgery. As the saying goes “prevention is better that cure” you need to pick an awesome tattoo artist for you to achieve the most amazing tattoos you’ve ever dreamed of. Below is by far the best tattoo cover up idea you will ever see. Thanks to Juan Salgado, he made an ugly looking abstract tattoo into an awesome geometric inspired tattoo. He is one

These 15 Amazing Wrist Tattoos Is So Lovely That Even Your Parents Will Approve

Wrist is always visible and is a nice place to be tattooed on. We normally accessorize it with watch or bracelet, however these amazing wrist tattoos will change your mind. They look so cool that it might seem to be the ink version of jewelry or a fashion accessory. Below are some of the best tattoos for your wrist, some are subtle tattoos that can be covered by clothes, watch and real bracelets but some of these wrist tattoos are

These Epic Sloth Tattoos in the Style Of 80’s Movies Will Bring On Pure Nostalgia

If you grew up during the 80’s and love tattoos then you need to see these epic sloth tattoos in style of 80’s movies that will bring on pure nostalgia from that generation that was filled with all manner of creative cartoons, awesome musicians and bands and creative films. Reddit user “Jareth The Goblin King” obviously loves the 80’s and wanted to pay tribute to some of his favorite childhood films by way of tattoos. This isn’t just a regular

Unique and Awesome Animal Tattoos With Digital Pixel Glitches

Tattoo artist Lesha Lauz’s also known as Alexey who’s based in Moscow, Russia creates a unique and awesome animal tattoos with digital pixel glitches. If you’re looking for an eye-catching tattoo then you’ll definitely have to check these amazing tattoos out. The glitch part of the tattoo adds vitality and color which makes it more appealing. She calls this colorful tattoo style as “Pixel & Glitch”, she also post a tutorial on Copic drawing a horse in his signature style.

30+ Of The Best Tattoos Ever Inked for 2015

We have compiled the best tattoos ever inked from January to August 2015. We ended up choosing these 30 awesome tattoos that’s been shared by many tattoo enthusiasts from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Below are 30 of the best tattoos that you will surely like and might give you an awesome ideas for your next tattoo. You can also submit your entries by contacting us, just provide the link of your photo and we will feature it here with full-credits

These 50 Awesome Octopus Tattoos Will Blow You Away

Octopus is one of natures work of art, with their intense coloration you wouldn’t wonder why they’re one of the top choices as design or symbol to be tattooed on someones skin. Below are 50 of the most amazing Octopus tattoos that will surely amaze you. For some they call it squid tattoo and is one of the most popular aquatic animals being tattooed for both men and women. With their eight tentacles and colorful skins having it tattooed on

These 24 Amazing Aztec Inspired Tattoos Will Unleash Your Inner Warrior Within

Brave warriors from the Aztec civilization has tattoos for their rank, honor and as a mark of their special achievements. It also serves as a method to identify which clan or tribe they are in. Aztec or Mayan is an ancient civilization that made tattoo a big part of their culture, it’s linked to their religion, war and social classes which makes someone with tattoos have more authority during that time. Would you want to have an Aztec inspired tattoo

These 50 Amazing Tattoos by Arlo DiCristina is so Stunning That Even Your Mom Will Approve

Gone are the times when tattoos are just for sailors and bikers. Getting a piece of tattoo is sort of a rite of passage these days. And when you’re considering going under the needle, you’re in excellent company: according to an NBC News poll, 40% of respondents mentioned someone in their family has a tattoo. To get a tattoo permanently etched into your skin, it better be awesome, stunning and special. To inspire you with your next tattoo piece, listed