Children With Cancer Get To Live Their Dreams In Touching Photographs By Jonathan Diaz

A Utah based portrait photographer named Jonathan Diaz uses his awesome artistic skills for a good cause. He photographs children with cancer and make them live their dreams by transforming them to whatever they want to be. He started a non-profit project named “Anything Can Be” which will give hope to children that’s suffering from cancer. He takes fantasy photo-shoots of these cute kids in their dream settings to make them happy and at the same time inspire them. More

Stunning Photos of Birds Cuddling Together To Stay Warm

Birds are warmblooded just like us which means they have to maintain their body temperature. However, when it’s freezing cold in the evening how can they manage to stay warm? The answer is they cuddle together. When birds huddled together for warmth they follow a strict rule that needs to be followed, the dominant birds will take the center position which forces the young birds to the edges where they face the chilly winds and snow alone. More info: How

These Heart-Melting Photos of Aging Dogs From Puppy-hood to Old Age Will Make You Wish Animals Would Live Longer

Amanda Jones is a photographer who has been taking photos of dogs for twenty years. She was inspired to compile these heart-melting photos of numerous dog breeds from pupp-hood to old age “Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now“, by her dachshund named Lily who passed away when she was still making the book. The book also features comments from their owners, some of these adorable dogs didn’t seem to age at all however most of them shows their old

Baby and French Bulldog Born On Same Day Think They’re Brothers And Do Everything Together

Dog’s is known to be friendly and protective to it’s owner, they’re also know as “Man’s Best Friend”, but what about for babies? When Ivette Ivens accidentally saw the cute French bulldog puppy : “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” she told the Daily Mail. About five months ago Farley, the adorable little French bulldog pup entered in their lives and shared priceless moments with their son Dilan like their brothers, and both of

Breathtaking Photos of The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Park

Once in a while an artist can show what the naked eye would miss. Kansas photographer David Lane spent 4 months taking breathtaking photos of the Milky Way over Yellowstone Park, and the outcome is a stunning night-time rainbow. More info: | Facebook | 500px “Get away from the light drive out 20-30 miles out of town…” “…look up on a clear dark night and you may see something that will forever change your life” “This is what a

21 Adorable Photos of Animals Who Wants To Be Photographers

We usually see stunning photos of wildlife from photographers. However this post is focused on the animals that wants to be a photographer. It’s unusual for wild animals to go near the photographer while cameras are being pointed at them some even get behind the camera themselves. But these animals is so eager to know how photography works, so they decided to take charge and have control on the cameras. Below are adorable photos of animals who unexpectedly wants to

Action-Filled Underwater Photos Of Dogs By Seth Casteel

Just when we thought nothing new can be done in the field of pet photography, here comes Seth Casteel and starts capturing stunning underwater photos of dogs. What’s amazing is that dogs love fetching things so much that they even disregard they aren’t aquatic animals. Los Angeles and Chicago based photography Seth Casteel specializes in documentary-style pet photography, he embrace the at-ease mentality of pets on location in their natural environment. He’s also available for photo shoots nation-wide. As one

These Cute Animals Wearing Hats Will Certainly Brighten Up Your Day

Animals can also be very difficult subjects to photograph however if you take your time and have fun the results may also be nothing short of overwhelming cuteness! Just like these photos of cute animals wearing hats by Lindsey Bonnice. She recently moved out to the country and started a small hobby farm. She’s an animal lover and also loves photography then she came up with a fun way to combine her two passions (animal lover + photographer) which led

Watch As This Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle Like A Boss

A talented California-based photographer Phoo Chan has captured a rare series of photos of a crow landing and riding on the back of a bald eagle. Crows are known to be aggressive especially in their territories, they even harass raptors which is much more bigger that them. However in this rare event captured on photos the crow rides on the back of the bald eagle while flying and it seems like the crow is not harassing the eagle and takes

The Amazing Journey Of Sea Turtles In Stunning Photos

Turtles is one of the oldest reptile groups where the earliest known existence is 157 million years ago. They’re characterized by the shell on their back that acts as their shield. On this post we feature the amazing journey of turtles in stunning photos showing you their life both land and underwater. Desert tortoise hatching from it’s egg. Her first look on a great journey ahead. Photo by : K. Kristina Drake Newly-hatched green sea turtle running towards the sea