These 30 Creative Hoodies Will Not Only Keep You Warm But Will Also Keep You In Style

During Ber months we experience cold weathers and these creative hoodies will not only keep you warm but will also keep you look fashionable. Hoodies is one of the most common clothes that most of us use which also keeps your head dry and warm as possible. The photos below are some of the most creative hoodie designs you will ever see. Who would have thought having a piece of clothing where it can warm you during cold days and

The Empire State Building Did a Jaw-Dropping Tribute to Endangered Animals

As human population grow each year many animal habitat has been lost causing for animals to have little space to  grow and breed that’s one of the reason why we have lots of endangered species in our planet. Endangered species aren’t at all times in the forefront of pubic debate, however the topic got important attention this past weekend in New York. For three hours Saturday night, the Empire State Building’s facade was lit through as much as 40 projectors

Candy Crush’s Office in Stockholm Is As Playful As Its Products

Majority of the companies are seeking to distance themselves from childish things. But the Swedish company King, who developed the popular game Candy Crush Saga, now has a head office thats playful as its products just like these cool offices. Candy Crush Saga is King’s hottest game is set in the “magically tasty world of the Candy Kingdom”, the place where confectionery-themed characters such as the Bubble-Gum Troll are to be found at places like the Lemonade Lake and the

Photographer Shows Homeless In A New Light To Remind Us They’re People Too

According to, there were 578,424 homeless people in the United States in 2014. Of those, 177,373 “lived in a place not intended for human habitation such as the street or an abandoned building”; about 50,000 of those 578,424 are homeless veterans. Aaron Draper takes lit color portraits of California’s homeless. The California native and social activist strives to make street-individuals “as visually appealing as possible” in his Underexposed series. In spite of everything, things which are not lovely are

Easy And Creative DIY Crafts Made Of Coke Cans

It never fails to amaze the cool things you can do with thinks that people think is garbage or has no use. Luckily there are people who is so creative they can come up with sorts of useful stuff that we can use. Brooke from What’s Up Moms shows three things that you can do with an empty coke can, just by simply removing the top of the coke can and using spraying paint to color it. There is no

Steve Irwin’s Daughter Is Now Grown Up And Keeping Dad’s Legacy Alive

Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin died eight years ago, however his daughter Bindi Irwin is continuing his legacy of animal conservation. The 16-year-old American citizen is in her final year of school where she is finishing Business and Tourism, after which she plans to work full time at Australia Zoo. Irwin’s Instagram has over 220,000 followers, and from the images, it’s clear that her father had a huge impact on her life. More info: Instagram | Twitter (h/t: elitedaily) Meet Bindi Irwin,

This Hot Girl Is One Badass Afghanistan Vet Who Helps Rangers Hunt Down Poachers In Africa

The battle against illegal poaching in Africa frustrating for some – both as a result of the ireversible damage that illegal poachers cause and because we are powerless to do anything about it. However, Kinessa Johnson on the other hand fights back poachers by helping rangers hunting them down. She’s a US Army veteran who works for VETPAW, a company that connects US Armed Forces veterans with conservation rangers in East Africa who need skilled training and support. Along side

25 Of The Most Stylish And Creative Ring Designs Ever

The fitting ring on your finger could make you feel like a noble king or a beloved queen. Modern rings have lost in symbolic importance they’ve received in creativity of design and craftsmanship – and the rings in this list are some of the most stylish and creative ring designs you will ever see. Whether you’re looking for the worlds most amazing rings, wedding rings or you dig stylish rings then feast your eyes with our list of the most

This Smartphone App Will Make Your Halloween Costume More Creepy

A former NASA engineer  and an ingenious costume designer Mark Rober,, has created a superb line of Halloween costumes that can completely mix classic terrifying costumes with modern smartphone technology. A free app for your smartphone will bring your costumes to life. After going viral a few years ago with a costume that used two iPads to make it seem like a hole had been blasted through his stomach, Rober has created a line of terrifying t-shirts and monstrous masks

Heart Touching Photos of People Carrying Heavy Loads Inorder To Survive

In third world countries all over the world, transporting items by way of trucks or cars is not an option or a luxury, the vast majority of merchants can afford. Many travel long distances from remote rural areas to sell their products, that means a one lengthy and exhausting trip, carrying as much products as they can in hopes to make a small revenue. These images comes from a number of countries, including India, Indonesia, Bangladesh The photos below are