Parents Troll Daughter and Boyfriend by Recreating Their Facebook Selfies

Facebook is one of the biggest social media where you can share photos and videos, however when college student Emily Musson started sharing selfies with her boyfriend she never expected how trolly her parents can be. The sweet photos with her boyfriend has gone viral because of the hilarious renditions that her parents did, they imitate what they were doing to troll her. One of the best thing as a parent is the opportunity to embarrass your kids in a

These Watercolor Postcards Is The Perfect Gift For Your Enemies

When you hate someone so much and you can’t find a single word to say about her then these watercolor postcards is the perfect thing that you can give to them. Killien Huynh created this series of postcards that you can give  to the person you really hate. The cute animals in the postcard and the message it delivers is hilarious and can probably make your enemy laugh or hate you for it. More info: Behance | Facebook

When You Always Skip Leg Day At The Gym. This Will Happen To You.

People nowadays frequently go to the gym to work out and to have the perfect body that they’ve been wanting to have. From having 6 packs, to bigger and muscular chest and monstrous biceps however some of them always skip leg day or leg training exercise. These people are lifting for show and surely ignore what’s below. So before you skip leg day at the gym remember these guys  as a reminder to never ever skip it or you’ll end

Minions Are Taking Over Famous Places All Over The World

Recently a giant inflatable minion wreaked havoc that caused major traffic in Dublin. In this funny incident ask their talented designers to make giant minions taking over famous places all over the world. They managed to take high-resolution images of the famous places  from around the world and used Photoshop to put giant minions into the equation. For what minions are known for being foolish. Below are some of the best we’ve seen so far. You can also see

Giant Inflatable Minion Causes Traffic Chaos In Ireland

A 33-foot-tall inflatable Minion was blocking the road in northern Dublin that caused traffic chaos in Ireland, in this chaotic and hilarious Giant Minion’s reckless escapade fortunately there’s only one casualty, a car losing its side-view mirror. “I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it… flying across the road,” said witness Erin Image credits: Erin Van Londen Before the accident, the 33-ft Minion was spotted being inflated behind bars Image credits: Rachel The bars can’t handle this Giant

These Hilarious Grumpy Cat Meets Disney Series Will Bring A Big Smile On Your Face

We usually see grumpy cat on memes and the world was fascinated with him, however U.S based digital artist Eric Proctor has taken grumpy cat to a whole new level. He created a hilarious grumpy cat meets Disney series that will surely bring a big smile on your face. He uses Photoshop and Wacon tablet on creating this hilarious series. Below are some of his works making grumpy cat as the famous characters from Disney movies such as Ariel, Rapunzel,

These Funny Placement Coincidences Tells A Different Story

Back in the day where there’s still no camera to snap a picture on something funny or something that interest you and just thought to you themselves “Man, I sure wish my friends was her to see this”. But now, everyone have smartphones that can lets us capture funny and dangerous events through photo or video. In this post you will see funny placement coincidences that tells a different story in which makes sense. Seems about right Image credit :

These Pets Instantly Regret On Destroying Their Favorite Toy

At first these pets though it was fun destroying their favorite toy, however with these funny photos showing their face a sense of regret. Photos below will show you cute dogs and cats face in devastation on why they ruined their favorite toy for a minute of satisfaction. They ultimately face the reality that their favorite toy is no more. It was fun while it lasted. Just buy your pets a new toy, it’s a vicious cycle that we all

These 10 Terrible Jobs Will Make You Appreciate Yours

It’s not surprising that around 70% of employees hate their job. I used to love my job at an office but sitting almost all the time on a 9 – 5 job is tiring and makes you fat and lazy. However, when I saw this disgustingly terrible jobs will help me appreciate the job that I have. So for those people who currently hates their job then please take your time reading on this post that will make you appreciate

These 21 Hungry Trees is Taking a Bite Out of Anything Around Them

Contrary to popular belief, sitting still for decades on end is an incredibly tiring. Just ask the trees, who must endure the irksome burden of human incursion in addition to their already challenging task. Naturally, these exhausted old and hungry trees have only one option left: eat what is around them, specifically the cumbersome or unfortunately placed relics of humanity. Which is precisely what these 20 resourceful trees have done. Just like these trees, their roots also adopts to whatever