This Amazing Wedding Cake Will Bring Out The Kid In You

When a comic book buff and his fiance got married, they made sure to treat their guests to an amazing wedding cake that will satisfy the superhero fan in him, in addition to her wish for something traditional and they ended up with this epic “Two Face” wedding cake just like these one-of-a-kind cakes. Embellished with confectionery roses and pearls, the couple’s wedding cake looks as if a classic white tiered wedding cake at first look. However a tasty ‘split’

This Amazing Dragon’s Head Carved From Watermelon Is The Epitome Of Perfection

Halloween is the pumpkin carving season. However for Valeriano Fatica, all seasons are an acceptable time to carve awesome sculptures just like this dragon’s head carved from watermelon. Thick detailed scales and scary looking eyes – that’s a lot of detail to place into a fruit. The method like a GoPro video, so you can see what Fatica sees when he picks up the knife. The way in which he makes incisions to make detailed dragon’s eye is simply amazing!

25 Quick And Easy Bacon Recipes Worthy Of Your Taste Buds

Few people that I know loves bacon, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner thanks to the internet there’s a huge number of quick and easy bacon recipes, however we have narrowed our list to 25 since they are worthy of your taste buds. Here we’ve compiled list of awesome bacon recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Just click on the links for you to be redirected for the full recipes. Enjoy!

Crazy for Lobster? 6 Lobster Places You Can Travel Miles For

Without a doubt, people love lobster. Whether you want it prepared in a healthy way or floating in butter, these six lobster places are worth traveling miles to find. Maine and East Coast Lobster Havens Image via Flickr by man pikin 1. Bagaduece Lunch in Brooksville, Maine — This lobster shack is award-winning and locally known as the place to go for outstanding seafood including lobster. Expect to stand in line to get in, but the wait is well worth

This Beehive Lets You Harvest Honey Without Disturbing Bees

With this awesome invention by Stuart and Cedar Anderson, a father-and-son beekeeper in Australia, honey bees all over the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Their Flow Hive invention allows beekeepers to harvest honey from their hives without disturbing the bees. The invention works by providing the bees with a partially-completed wall of honeycomb cells that they then complete with their very own wax. After they fill these cells with honey and cap them with wax, the beekeeper

How To Keep Bananas Fresh With This Simple Quick Tip

We all know that bananas are delicious and healthy fruit however they have a major flaw where they ripen and go rotten quickly. At that state it will be hard to find someone to eat them and at times be thrown away. If you’re searching on how to keep bananas fresh then luckily there’s a way to keep your bananas fresh for a longer period of time with this simple and easy quick tip.

This Cake Contest Has The Most Amazing Cakes You Will Ever See

The Threadcakes online cake competition, that ended on November 3rd this year, features some of the most amazing cake art that I have ever seen. The contest, which has been running every year since 2007, invites each professionals and amateurs to create cakes in both 2D or 3D categories based on art from the Threadless group, which sells artists’ designs on shirts. The rules demand that entrants’ cakes be as edible as possible, taking into account only minimal non-edible supports

Japan’s Burger Kings Sell Black Burgers Colored With Bamboo Charcoal And Squid Ink

Everyone knows that Japan is excellent at coming up with cute food just like these beautiful landscapes made from food, however it seems that they’ve acquired a talent for bizarre and exotic dishes as well. They decided that the standard burger was getting a little boring, so Burger King Japan decided to make black burgers. The Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl burgers owe their unique appearances to black cheese, black garlic sauce, and an absolutely black bun. The bun and

18 National Flags Made From Each Country’s Traditional Food

These scrumptious flags have been designed for the Sydney International Food Festival by advertising company WHYBIN\TBWA. It’s an incredible concept that creates a nation’s flag from the food related to the country. Now a lot of you will probably disagree with some of the foods chosen to characterize a particular country, however be mindful that it can be difficult to not only use food that represents the country but also works with the actual design of the flag. You also have to

See What Happens When You Put A McDonald’s Cheeseburger In Stomach Acid

Hydrochloric Acid, meets McDonald’s cheeseburger. Just as a McDonald’s cheeseburger would meet upon getting into your stomach. Hydrochloric Acid is a key phase in turning whatever you’re eating into a stuff that comes out your other end. Hydrochloric acid is a normal part of a person’s digestive process in your stomach and intestinal tract which helps us digest the food that we eat.