These 30 Creative Hoodies Will Not Only Keep You Warm But Will Also Keep You In Style

During Ber months we experience cold weathers and these creative hoodies will not only keep you warm but will also keep you look fashionable. Hoodies is one of the most common clothes that most of us use which also keeps your head dry and warm as possible. The photos below are some of the most creative hoodie designs you will ever see. Who would have thought having a piece of clothing where it can warm you during cold days and

These Monster Boxes Will Help You Identify Your Luggage At The Airport Quickly

If you happen to ever had a problem determining your luggage at the airport, the Fine Line Workshop in Pennsylvania will fix that for you – they bought a line of leather-clad monster boxes which are hard to pass over and seem like they bring a serious bite. Every hand-made box is embellished by sculpting leather over a wooden box. Glass eyes, fake teeth and paint transform them into creatures from the Dungeons and Dragons table-top roleplaying game that trick

25 Of The Most Stylish And Creative Ring Designs Ever

The fitting ring on your finger could make you feel like a noble king or a beloved queen. Modern rings have lost in symbolic importance they’ve received in creativity of design and craftsmanship – and the rings in this list are some of the most stylish and creative ring designs you will ever see. Whether you’re looking for the worlds most amazing rings, wedding rings or you dig stylish rings then feast your eyes with our list of the most

You Won’t Believe What This Man Can Do With Your Hair

Meet Rob Ferrel a barber and stylist in San Antonio, Texas who became famous during the 2014 World Cup for his amazing hair portraits of football superstars like Lionel Messi, Tim Howard, Neymar Jr, Chicharito, Christiano. Originally from San Diego, He eventually moved to San Antonio 8 years ago. Ferrel opened up “Rob The Original Barbershop” which generates lots of customers due to his amazing haircut designs and portraits. Also check his amazing hair portraits of Tim Duncan, Lebron James,

Rise Of The Beard Garden : Wacky New Trend Of Men With Flowers In Their Beards

It used to be that having an out-of-control beard like Pierce Thiot would get you hipster street credibility. Because of a brand new trend rising in boho strongholds throughout America, you have to add flowers to your facial hair to stand out. Men in places like San Francisco where Isiah Webb (Mr. Incredibeard) lives, Portland and Brooklyn, are adorning their faces with flowers; apparently for the purpose of artistic portraits. The strange movement first gained recognition on Tumblr and has

25 Easy and Stylish DIY Hairstyles

Are you tired of your boring hairstyle? This is the right time to mix things up for your hair! Despite the busy day it’s really important to have a presentable hairstyle. You don’t have to go to salon and spend a lot of money just to have your hair done. Just some bows, bobby pins and few accessories for hair and voila! hair is done. From boho braided to waterfall braid these tips may help. And with a little backcombing

Look Gorgeous With These 35 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

It is said that women’s hair are their crowning glory. Therefore, a good hairstyle on your wedding is a must. Are you still undecided on what hairstyle you want to have, and only have a little time left before your wedding day? For women wanting to look good on their wedding day walking down the aisle. . Be inspired and choose the best and beautiful wedding hairstyle that will suit you.

What This Woman Did To Her Second-Hand Clothes Will Blow You Away

Jillian Owens is a Columbia SC- based writer and designer who’s determined to promote a unique look into latest fashion. Dealing with some financial difficulties and feeling uneasy about the fast fashion of these days, she marched the second-hand stores to purchase low-cost, old, but promising clothes and began transforming them into elegant new dresses. The venture turned into a blog and a full-pace hobby quickly. Along with her fashionable and creative works Owens promotes a very inspiring concept that

A Closer Look at the Nike Lebron 11 “What The Lebron” Shoe Design

Flush with mismathced shades and a multitude of graphics, the highly anticipated Nike LeBron 11 “What the LeBron” is sure to be an instant hit whenever it is released. Highlighted by a mix of aesthetics from previous LeBron releases, the history of King James’s signature line takes center stage. The Nike Lebron 11 “What The Lebron” still has no release date. However,you can check out some detailed shots of his new signature shoe from Nike.

20 of the Most Awesome and Creative Face Painting Ideas for Kids

World class artist Christy Lewis from New Zealand is not busy for parties or festivals with her amazing and detailed face-painting, she demonstrate or practice her god given talent on her kids who’s the perfect models for her fantasy creature face paintings. The photos below are some of her awesome face painting ideas for kids which mom and dad can replicate. Enjoy and share these amazing face paintings that your kids can enjoy. You can also use these ideas for