Orlando Bloom Throws a Punch At Justin Bieber In Restaurant Brawl

We didn’t believe it in the beginning, however just hours after the news broke that Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, allegedly got into a scuffle at Cipriani’s in Ibiza. It appears to be that Justin Beiber have his bodyguard to prevent the fight from happening. TMZ posted a video that certainly shows Orlando Bloom throws a punch at Justin Bieber where he was hit in the head. According to the latest situation, you could quickly see the conclusion that this fight

Manny Pacquiao Responds To Drake’s Parody Video

Lots of people wondered what Manny Pacquiao feels about Canadian rapper Drake’s impersonation of the eight-division world boxing champion became politician and soon-to-be basketball a professional basketball player. Wearing a wig and a goatee just like Pacquiao’s, Drake sang “Let It Go” from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” in a skit entitled “Manny Pacquiao Sings.” The video went viral quickly after it premiered on the ESPY Awards. Precisely one week later, a happy Manny Pacquiao faced veteran journalist Jessica Soho for

Drake Sings Let It Go As Manny Pacquiao Spoof Parody

You need to see this video of Canadian rapper Drake as he sings Let It Go as Manny Pacquiao, the accent and everything is on point. No offense to all Filipinos like me who idolize Manny Pacquiao this is just for fun and I find it hilarious. What made me laugh is this statement : Are you worried about Mayweather? Well, to me it’s warmer in July so I’m not worried about the “May Weather” you know. Share and enjoy

Two Students Creates Amazing Artworks That Blow Everyone’s Mind

Well, shave my legs and call me grandpa but this two students literally blow everyone’s mind in their classrooms every week from Columbia College of Art and Design by creating amazing and creative artworks using chalk, which is being talked about in the entire school. They call themselves “DangerDust“, they sneak on classrooms anonymously to create stunning masterpiece that leave students in amazement with their chalk art. The tandem created the most amazing artworks you will ever see. Every Sunday

Revealing Before and After Visual Effects From Famous Movies

Everyone knows that film and TV producers use visual effects, however you’ll be stunned to learn how widely they’re used to create movie magic! These photos reveals how much your favorite movies depend on the magic of VFX or Visual Effects. Green-screens aren’t at all times green they’re also often blue, however they are able to technically be of any color, as long as this color shouldn’t be worn by any of the actors. When these scenes are recorded, the

5 of The Most Impressive and Talented Street Musicians

We usually rely on iTunes,local radio and etc to discover new music, however this talented street musicians will really impress you with their awesome talent that can surely catch your attention. 1. Heymoonshaker Dubstep Beatbox 2. Daniel Waples : Street Musician With Unique Instrument 3. Johnnie Lin – Electric Acoustic Guitar 4. Bryson Andres – Electric Violin 5.Music Collective CDZA The Human Jukebox Share if you’re impressed with this talented street musicians.

This Sad 7 Foot Clown Has Shocking Talent That You Need To See

Some people have fear of clowns, for some they are creepy. An example of it is puddles a clown that stands at 7 feet, now that’s a huge clown that can ruin kids amazement with clowns. However, puddles has this talent which rarely seen on clowns which is a nice voice quality. The video below shows “puddles” is one great singer. Puddles: The Sad 7 Foot Clown With A Golden Voice (Video)