These Mind-Blowing Animal Hybrids Will Shock You To Your Core

Nature is a gorgeous thing and probably the most wonderful element is that it is always evolving. No two things ever stay the same relating to the animal kingdom and that’s why so many people begin environmental research. Many wonder how to change the abruptly decreasing animal population that has took place because of humans taking over more animal territory. However, as these photos show, beautiful things are still taking place in nature and a few of them appear way

These Extreme Body Art Will Surprise And Shock Your Senses

Venezuela Tattoo Expo that was held in Caracas featured some of the most extreme examples body modification you’ll rarely see. It’s an annual event which attracts talented artists from around the world that is looking for inspiration and satisfy their curiosity in the field of extreme body art. Like any industries there’s always new trends,techniques and styles and this event (Venezuela Tattoo Expo) is known to see and experience them all. From piercings, sub-dermal horns or tattoos are proudly on

25 Funny Faces in Everyday Objects

Have you seen how various objects and constructions appear as if they’ve got faces –as if they’re angry, smiling or sad. However, what some may just call acuteness to detail is frequently attributed to a psychological phenomenon, known as pareidolia – that’s when an individual perceives a random stimulus as something significant, for example you see faces on cars, faucets or buildings like these 25 funny faces in everyday objects. It can also be more common amongst people with a

See What Happens When You Put A McDonald’s Cheeseburger In Stomach Acid

Hydrochloric Acid, meets McDonald’s cheeseburger. Just as a McDonald’s cheeseburger would meet upon getting into your stomach. Hydrochloric Acid is a key phase in turning whatever you’re eating into a stuff that comes out your other end. Hydrochloric acid is a normal part of a person’s digestive process in your stomach and intestinal tract which helps us digest the food that we eat.

What This Woman Can Do With Her Body Will Blow You Away

This 27 year old contorionist named Julia Gunthel aka “Zlata” from Russia is the world record holder for the “Fastest time to burst three balloons with the back”. She’s also the worlds most bendiest woman,see her incredible and mind-boggling body bending act below. She is currently a Guiness World Record holder as the “Fastest time to burst three balloons with the back” and is known as the most flexible woman in the world.

Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me

Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper well known for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into a number of prides. Kevin knows these lions at a basic level: their behavior, instinct, and emotion. To start with, I thought this man was nuts! However, as I watched more on the video, I realized that his love for these animals is very deep, and really real. I applaud him for seeking to save these beautiful animals from

25 Jaw-Dropping and Funny Animal Photo Manipulations

If you thought photo manipulation couldn’t get any weirder, you were wrong! With the power of Photoshop and other photo-editing applications, it is possible to merge two things together. Two things that are often put together are various species of animals, a dog and an eagle, for example. Weird, eh? Just wait until you see these bizarre animal photo manipulations. We also have other posts that also showcase amazing photo manipulations by Martin De Pasquale and John Wilhelm, we have

Extreme Body Art Enthusiast Takes Facial Piercing To A Whole New Level

Extreme Body Art : Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, this 23-year-old Joel Miggler also known as “Bodymoded Punky” an extreme body artist from Küssaberg, Germany takes facial piercing to a whole new level. His passion for bizarre body modifications led to arguably the most noticeable body modification which is two giant holes in his cheeks where he can stick his tounges out or blow smoke through it. This also includes 6 tattoos, 27 piercings, a split tongue,

This Guy Sticks Household Objects in His Beard and It’s Weirdly Mesmerizing

Pierce Thiot and his wife Stacy Thiot created weird Tumblr called “Will It Beard” which features sticking household objects in his beard which I think i the weirdest beard designs ever. The couple has been sharing there collection of photos from their Tumblr and Instagram page, the best thing here is they take request so check them out. We have also featured Mr. Incredibeard who has lots of beard styles that looks creative, awesome and somehow weird from going as

7 of the Most Scary and Bizarre Ocean Creatures You’ll Rarely See

1. Angler Fish The anglerfish is possibly some of the most interesting and unusual sea creatures known to man. Not only identified for their wily predation ways  but also for its mating habits. When scientists first found out the anglerfish, they seen that just about all of them have been feminine and that these specimens had what gave the look to be some form of parasitic boom connected to their lower parts. Image Source: CG Arena Seems that these parasites