12-Inch Nails Turned Into Stunning Sculptures

John Bisbee uses 12-inch nails and turns them into stunning sculptures, he spent nearly 30 years welding and forging then in to amazing sculptural work. It might sound weird to you but when you see how stunning and amazing his sculptures are you’ll surely be amazed. Bisbee said that he is guided by the mantra “only nails, always different” which you can see with his outstanding piece. Who would have imagined a seemingly simple and limiting component would turn out

15 Amazing Building Facades That Will Leave You In Awe

Looks can sometimes be deceiving, however there’s no doubt that our eyes are drawn to things that pop. Architects recognize this, and use their creativity to attract glances by passersby by incorporating one of the most most unique looks into their structures. Some push for a more natural look. While some architects incorporate totally different shapes and colors to make their building stand out. Remember the fact that, it’s not surprising that George Costanza always needed to pretend he was

What This Man Can Do With Broken Skateboards Will Blow Your Mind

In 2010 Nick Pourfard endured a skating injury that he was unable to walk for six months. While he was immobile he wanted something to do, when he was growing he loves skating and playing guitar he combined his passion and hobby and then came up with a brilliant idea to create awesome electric guitars made out of old and broken skateboards. He has a lot of old skateboards which he recycles and use to create his signature electric guitar.

Latvian Artist Carves Stunning Wooden Cabinet In Shape Of Giant Beetle

Latvian artist Janis Straupe carved this stunning wooden cabinet in shape of giant beetle. He is one of the most respected professionals in wood carving and his been doing it for more than 30 years. His works are detailed, complex and sharp just like this stunning wood cabinet in shape of a giant beetle.  This cabinet was made in 2005, this wooden cabinet has 11 drawers, wine rack, paper work sections and two secret sections. More info: straupe.com

What This Artist Can Do With Discarded Tree Trunks Will Left You in Total Awe

Jae-Hyo Lee a South Korean artist who’s a master of manipulation where he turns discarded tree trunks into stunning wood sculptures that can be used in the house or as a head-turner as a display in your house or outside the house. With his meticulous work he’s able to create these stunning wood sculptures, he uses chunks of wood and is burn slightly for texture then polishes them to create a smooth surface. “I want to express the wood’s natural

Inventive Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

Its either we work with nature, or work against it. These brilliant architects decided that rather than chopping down trees to construct a house or building they decided to find a way to incorporate the trees as part of the new structures. Some construction firms cute down trees to create more space in building buildings or house which may result in Deforestation, it’s one of the major cause of global warming which impacts the water cycle that reduces the amount

Ellen Jewett Merges Animals And Plants In To Otherworldly Sculptures

A talented sculptor from Canada creates amazing detailed handmade clay sculptures of creatures that may look like a creature from fantasy or from your wildest dreams. Ellen Jewett calls her sculptural work as “natural history surrealist sculpture”, she blends animals, plants and once in a while human-made objects or structures. With her background in medical illustration, anthropology, exotic animal care and stop-motion animation which intensify each of her masterpiece. More info: ellenjewettsculpture.com | Etsy | DeviantArt (h/t: colossal, boredpanda)

This Terrifying Hyper-Realistic Sculpture Of A Fallen Angel Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu have been recognized to create installations using real cadavers or human fat tissue, although their latest creation does not embody these macabre elements, it’s so realistic and unsettling that it might as well. This realistic sculpture, titled “Angel,” depicts a fallen angel in the form of an old woman, her wings devoid of feathers, that appears to be sleeping or possibly dead. It was made from silica gel, fiberglass, stainless steel, and woven

25 Stunning Photos Of Fairy Tale Architecture From Norway

At some point of our lives we loved fairy tales, and some people embrace it by building their own houses with fairy tale architecture concept just like these fantasy inspired cottages from around the world. But when you think about Norway, the very first thing that comes to mind are fjords, blonde people and Vikings – not fairy tale architecture. Below, you will find stunning photos of architecture in the Norwegian countryside that appears like it’s been taken straight from

These Amazing Interior Design Ideas Will Take Your House To Another Level

We (humans) are social creatures that requires quite a lot of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave “home is where the heart” is. It doesn’t matter what your house looks like it is your paradise. Merely stepping through the entrance door and locking the door behind you brings a sense of peace and calmness. People dump a substantial amount of money into their house, both on monthly loan payments or rent. Since you spend a lot of time