These Snakes Wearing Hats Will Make Your Fear of Snakes Go Away

Believe it or not snakes wearing hats has become a trend online. There’s even an entire subreddit that’s committed to this subculture. A lot of people have fear of snakes because of their reputation and for being aggressive. However seeing these snakes with hats could possibly overcome your fears to them. With them wearing hats your perception to them is cute and friendly which helps change the way you see them. Below are some of the photos of snakes wearing

This Enormous Fish Will Make You Reconsider Swimming In The Ocean

Photographer Miguel Pereira captured a rare footage of a large sunfish off the coast of Portugal. This enormous fish made the divers look small as it swims past them. The crystal blue water made this video look amazing. There were many divers that was astonished by this ginormous sunfish, they were taking pictures and videos of him and it looks like the sunfish is not bothered with their presence and acted like a runway fashion model.

This Cute Squirrel Was Rescued After A Hurricane And Becomes Family’s Cutest Member

This cute squirrel in Louisiana was rescued after she fell from her nest during a hurricane, they named her Jill. With this squirrel’s antics she became famous on Instagram. The cute squirrels owner posted some info about Jill, where she has a cage and is usually given free run in their house and astonishingly trained to use a garbage can as her bathroom. More info: Instagram (h/t: thedodo, boredpanda)

Cute Drawings of Predators Devouring Their Smiling Prey

Artist Alex Solis from Chicago’s also known as alexmdc online who became famous with his series of overweight superheroes and famous horror characters as babies. This new series of Alex Solis features disturbing yet cute drawings of predators devouring their smiling prey. Most of his work is inspired by his daughter. The idea on one of his illustration series called Chunkies came after watching Ninja turtles and discussing healthy eating. More info: Instagram | Tumblr | Society6 | | threadless

These Abandoned Starving Dogs Amazing Transformation Will Show How A Little Bit of Love Can Do Wonders

These two poor dogs was found in an abandoned building by the Chicago Police Department back in July, they went into an amazing transformation that will show how a little bit of love can do wonders. The two starving dogs looked like walking skeletons but with the right food and care they became healthy and happy dogs, they were named Oscar (white with spots) and Emmy (brown). Also check out these 16 beautiful transformations of rescued dogs with their sad

These 30 Cute Crossbreed Dogs Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

Are you having plans on getting purebred dog? This post about these 30 cute crossbreed dogs will surely change your mind. They’re not only cute but also have less health issues. And if ever you have pure breed dogs you might want to start a crossbreed just like what we have on this post. As a dog lover and owner, no matter what breed or how bad their appearance is we need to love them and always be there for

These Heart-Melting Photos of Aging Dogs From Puppy-hood to Old Age Will Make You Wish Animals Would Live Longer

Amanda Jones is a photographer who has been taking photos of dogs for twenty years. She was inspired to compile these heart-melting photos of numerous dog breeds from pupp-hood to old age “Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now“, by her dachshund named Lily who passed away when she was still making the book. The book also features comments from their owners, some of these adorable dogs didn’t seem to age at all however most of them shows their old

This Adopted Vampire Cat Named Loki Has The Most Evil Look Ever

Meet Loki, adopted by Kate who looks like a vampire. He looks scary With his two sharp fangs showing. With her vampire like features he has been talked on social media and may be labeled as “the most evil looking cat online”. Loki the vampire cat came from an animal shelter where Kate adopted him without knowing his looks. Loki suffered lots of health problems, however looking at her photos it seems that he’s in good hands. More info: Instagram