Damian Lillard Makes Fun of Ringless Athletes in New Foot Locker Ad

Winning a ring can help solidify an NBA player’s place in history, but there are many great players who never won a ring. Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard is hoping he would not join that list. The 2014 NBA playoffs are nearing, and Lillard makes it reasonably clear that he is chasing a ring within the newest Foot Locker advertisement. Alternatively, he finds a way to offend a couple of NBA and NFL stars (Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson,

5 of the Most Iconic Super Bowl commercials

The finale of the football season has considered some stellar commercials. Here is our pick of the advertisements that changed the face of prime-time. On fifteenth January 1967, America was treated to the very first Super Bowl. Since then, it has gone on to develop into a major annual sporting experience that’s watched by tens of millions throughout the United States. As time went on, an increasing number of audience tuned in not only to watch the sport but also

15 Impressively Creative Crosswalk Advertisements

When traditional advertising fails to attract people’s attention, it’s probably time for something new and that doesn’t necessary  mean spending a lot of money. Here we showcase 15 creative crosswalk advertisements which is an alternative way of making eye-catching outdoor advertisements. Also see: Amazing Street Art Designs in Poland McFries Crossing Latina Insurance: Crosswalk Abyss Bin Your Butts Salzburg School of Music: Piano crosswalk Sentieri Urbani Meister Proper Altschul Orthodontics: Crosswalk FedEx: Kinko Shopping Curitiba: Barcode Bubbles Hair Salon ACA-M

20 of the Most Awesome and Creative Yoga and Fitness Advertising

We have compiled 20 of the most awesome and creative Yoga and Fitness Advertisements, which we are more than happy to share it with you. Clever Yoga and Fitness Advertising Y+ Yoga Center: Clock Advertising Agency: Lem, Shanghai, China Adidas: Forever Sport Awesome double page magazine advertisement from Adidas Yoga Center Straw Low cost yet effective solution to showcase the prowess of a yoga practitioner on the flexible drink straws placed at fruit juice bars frequented by the target audience.