The Most Heroic Cat Saves A Little Boy From Vicious Dog Attack (Video)

A courageous cat showed that the dog isn’t  essentially the most loyal and protective pet , and this video proves it. A young boy was driving his bicycle within the driveway of his parents’ home when, abruptly, an unleashed dog gave chase and pounced viciously on the boy.

Surveillance footage shows the dog sinking its teeth into the boy’s leg, and it seemed as if the boy was about to be dragged severely wounded, if not killed. Then a cat suddenly came flying to protect the kid which saves the boys life.

Cats have a poor recognition for not being the friendliest animal, however this cat is hearing none of that. A dog is also considered man’s best friend, however this video shows a cat saves a little boy from vicious dog attack and is considered as this boy’s hero.

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