30 Of The Best Tattoos Ever Inked for 2015

30+ Of The Best Tattoos Ever Inked for 2015

We have compiled the best tattoos ever inked from January to August 2015. We ended up choosing these 30 awesome tattoos that’s been shared by many tattoo enthusiasts from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Below are 30 of the best tattoos that you will surely like and might give you an awesome ideas for your next tattoo. You can also submit your entries by contacting us, just provide the link of your photo and we will feature it here with full-credits including the artist.

An awesome tattoo by Michael Inksane
Tattoo Artist : Michael Inksane

Awesome Mechanical Full Sleeve Tattoo by Graven Image Tattoo

Check our list of the best tattoos for 2015
Tattoo Artist : Unknown
The Most Amazing and the Best Owl Tattoo You Will Ever See
Tattoo Artist : Rember-Orellana
awesome 3D Snake Tattoo by Hailin Fu
Tattoo Artist Hailin Fu
Awesome Japanese Warrior Themed Tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Lasky Michal
Amazing Elephant and Cow Tattoo by Coen Mitchell
Tattoo Artist : Coen Mitchell
Amazing Geometric Sleeve and Back Tattoo by Ivan Hack
Tattoo Artist : Ivan Hack
Amazing 3D blocks on neck Tattoo by Zack Singer
Tattoo Artist : Zack Singer
Amazing Warriors Armor Tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Unknown
Amazingly detailed skull Tattoo by Stefano Alcantara
Tattoo Artist : Stefano Alcantara
Alien Inspired Sleeve Tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Unknown
3D Tattoo on Head Tattoo by Ibrahim Barboza
Tattoo Artist : Ibrahim Barboza
woman with wolfs headpiece Tattoo by Beny Pearce
Tattoo Artist : Beny Pearce
Walter White tattoo by tattooedtheory
Featured at : tattooedtheory
Awesome Tattoo for Women on neck - Tattoo by @raphcemo
Tattoo Artist : raphcemo
Stunning Tattoo work by Mumia Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist : Mumia
Space Scene Tattoo work by Ben Klishevskiy
Tattoo Artist : Ben Klishevskiy
Skull with Pink Flowers Tattoo by Timur Lysenko
Tattoo Artist : Timur Lysenko
Sick Back Piece Tattoo by Nissaco
Tattoo Artist : Nissaco
Fire vs Water Themed Tattoos by Stepan Negur
Tattoo Artist : Stepan Negur
Full sleeve skull Tattoo by Ricardo Avila
Tattoo Artist : Ricardo Avila
Geometric Full Sleeve and Chest Tattoo by Matt Black
Tattoo Artist : Matt Black
half-skull half-woman Tattoo on both hands by Jak Connolly
Tattoo Artist : Jak Connolly
Japanese Samurai Warrior with Kabuki Mask Tattoo by Jess Yen
Tattoo Artist : Jess Yen
lion tattoo by Family Ink Tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Family Ink Tattoo
Mechanical Full Sleeve by Antraxx Mike II
Tattoo Artist : Antraxx Mike II
Outstanding Tattoo by Nashy Gunz
Tattoo Artist : Nashy Gunz
Shady skull Tattoo by Alexander Grim
Tattoo Artist : Alexander Grim
Epic back piece by David Gray
Tattoo Artist : David Gray
Colorful Octopus Tattoo by Raymond Wallace
Tattoo Artist : Raymond Wallace
Amazing Tattoos on Chest by Rob Hoskins
Tattoo Artist : Rob Hoskins
Awesome Tattoo by Evan Olin
Tattoo Artist : Evan Olin
Awesome Lion Tattoo by JP Alfonso
Tattoo Artist : JP Alfonso
Awesome Full Sleeve Tattoo by Anthraxx Mike II
Tattoo Artist : Anthraxx Mike II
Awesome Full Sleeve Tattoo by Anthraxx Mike II
Tattoo Artist : Anthraxx Mike II
Artist Ozone Ofk Nico 3d emerald skull tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Ozone Ofk Nico

Amazing Skull Tattoo
Tattoo Artist : Unknown

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