Creative and Awesome Tattoos For Geeks

These Creative Tattoos Will Make Your Arms Look Awesome

These creative tattoos that makes good use of your hands. These awesome tattoos certainly fits the mold in our creative art list, you’ll never see someone who has this kind of tattoo which makes it more awesome. This is what you call an impressive piece of tattoo!

Now this is an awesome video game tattoo done right. Dhalsim from Street Fighter, becoming one with its owner’s leg. Bruce Lee’s iron fist on someones arm, Luffy’s stretchable arm and my favorite cartoon character Popeye showing his mighty powerful hand.

Creative Tattoo for men

Creative Tattoo for men

Creative Bruce Lee Tattoo

image source :

Creative Dhalsim Tattoo on Foot

Creative tattoo on hand

image source :

Creative Luffy with Stretched Arms Tattoo

image source :

Creative Popeye Tattooimage source :

Ryu from Street Fighter TattooImage Source : ViralNova

Son Goku tattoo on hand by Craig CardwellImage credit : 9gag

Creative Tattoo of Jesus Christ

Take a look at this cool Vegeta tattoo

What do you think?


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