Unique and Awesome Animal Tattoos With Digital Pixel Glitches

Unique and Awesome Animal Tattoos With Digital Pixel Glitches

Tattoo artist Lesha Lauz’s also known as Alexey who’s based in Moscow, Russia creates a unique and awesome animal tattoos with digital pixel glitches. If you’re looking for an eye-catching tattoo then you’ll definitely have to check these amazing tattoos out.

The glitch part of the tattoo adds vitality and color which makes it more appealing. She calls this colorful tattoo style as “Pixel & Glitch”, she also post a tutorial on Copic drawing a horse in his signature style.

More info: Facebook | Instagram (h/t: modernmet, boredpanda)

awesome animal tattoos

awesome animal tattoos

Corgi Tattoo

Fox Tattoo

Balloon Dog Tattoo


Owl Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Sea Horse Tattoo

Fox Tattoo

Pit bull Tattoo

Hippo Tattoo

Bird Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo

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